Viper VE 17P Floor Buffer Repaired for Coventry Flooring Company

A specialist flooring company based in Coventry, called us recently to ask if we could repair their Viper VE 17P Floor Buffer. It seems a member of staff had broken a lever on the handle of their floor buffer that they used for polishing floors and being a flooring company they needed the machine back in operation quickly.  We already had the required part in stock and with Coventry being only an hour away from our service center we were able to schedule in a visit by one our engineers that afternoon.  We have numerous customers in the West Midlands which has a long industrial heritage due to the discovery of coal in the Black Country and was very active during the industrial revolution.

Replacing a Broken Viper VE 17P Handle

The flooring company has a showroom to display the different flooring materials they sell and of course the showroom flooring had to be kept looking clean and polished in order to give customers a good impression! For this purpose, the customer owned a Viper VE 17P Floor Polisher.

As the customer had reported on the phone, the problem with the machine was nothing mechanical, but stemmed from accidental user damage, as a member of staff had broken the lever on the handle which switched the power on. As our engineer knew what the issue was in advance, he was well prepared, and as such, had all the necessary parts on the van with him to make the repair on-site.

He was therefore able to fit the lever that afternoon and tested the machine to make sure all was working. It was working properly once again with no issues and our engineer could leave satisfied knowing he solved another customer’s problem.

Viper VE 17P Floor Buffer
The Viper VE 17P Floor Buffer

Viper VE 17P Floor Polishing Machine

The Viper VE 17P is a single speed, single disc machine designed for a whole host of different cleaning tasks, from scrubbing and buffing to polishing and spray cleaning. This machine offers a deep, quality clean at an affordable price level. It is reliable, robust and service friendly and due to its ergonomic design, can easily scrub hard floors and surfaces.

Features of the Floor Buffer include:

  • Cable Length: 15 metres
  • Voltage: 220-240v
  • Frequency@ 50-60hz
  • Rated Power: 1120w
  • Cleaning Width: 432mm
  • Brush/Pad Diameter: 432mm
  • Brush/Pad Speed: 150rpm
  • Length x Width x Height: 53.6 x 43.2 x 121.9 cm
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Operating Weight: 55kg

If you need  a copy of the Viper VE 17P User Manual, you can download one from our: Cleaning Machine User Manuals web page.

Viper VE 17P Repair at Flooring Company in Coventry

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