Viper Floor Buffer Repair at a Shrewsbury Cafe

We service floor cleaning machines across the UK so its always nice to receive calls from customers who are close to our base of operations in Shropshire. This was one such case, where we were asked to send an engineer to repair a viper floor buffer just twenty miles away.  The customer had reported to our staff in the office that one of the wheels on their Viper floor buffer was not turning at all which was making it tricky to move around. The customer was based in a cafe in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Shrewsbury boasts a decent visitor and tourist industry, so cafes there tend to be busy with travellers and commuters alike.

Repairing a Viper Floor Buffer

As the customer was based in Shropshire, it didn’t take too long for one of our engineers to make the trip to the cafe, where hygiene and cleanliness are, for obvious reasons, extremely important. This means the floors have to be kept very clean at all times. For this reason, the customer had purchased a Viper VE 17P Floor Buffer.

The customer had reported to us that one of the wheels was refusing to turn on the machine, preventing the user from navigating the floorspace with the machine. Our engineer arrived and gave the machine a once over. He inspected the wheels closely and found the culprit – a stone had become lodged in the wheel, which was stopping it from moving. Once our engineer removed the stone, he tested the machine and could confirm that the wheel was moving freely once again. The floor cleaner was thus back at its peak performance, cleaning floors and moving as it should in no time at all.

Viper Floor Buffer
Viper Floor Buffer

Viper VE 17P Floor Polishing Machine
The Viper VE 17P is a single speed, single disc machine designed for a whole host of different cleaning tasks, from scrubbing and buffing to polishing and spray cleaning. This machine offers a deep, quality clean at an affordable price level. It is reliable, robust and service friendly and due to its ergonomic design, can easily scrub hard floors and surfaces.

The buffer features a long 15m cable giving it a decent reach and has a cleaning width of 432mm, so standard sized 17 inch pads and brushes fit the machine. The machine has a brush speed of 150 rpm and weighs approximately 45kg.

All of these features combined mean that it is perfect for cleaning places with smaller floor areas where the presentation and cleanliness of the premises is of the utmost importance.

Viper VE 17P Repair at Café in Shrewsbury

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