Viper Fang Recovery Hose Replaced at Liverpool Department Store

As an authorised Viper Cleaning service centre we stock a comprehensive range of spare parts including the Viper Fang Recovery Hose which uses vacuum pressure to transfer dirty water picked up from the rubber squeegee blades at the back of the machine into the recovery tank. The hose is external to the main housing and can be prone to damage, and like any pressurised hose on a car engine, it will end up degrading over time and need replacing.

As a result, our Engineers always make sure they carry a full set of hoses and seals for the Viper range of cleaning machines before setting off for the day. As you will find out below, this proved useful when our engineer called into a well-known department store in Liverpool who had previously reported that their floor cleaning machine was leaving dirty water on the floor.

Floor Cleaning at a Large Department Store in Liverpool

Located in the centre of the city of Liverpool our customer sold fashion and home goods laid out over several floors and included a café area. The floors were mainly laid with large format Porcelain tiles or Vinyl.

The store is open until 8pm every day of the week except Sunday when it closes at 5pm; once the store closes the cleaning team spring into action to ensure the floor is clean and presentable for the next day and this can be particularly challenging when the sales are on. To help them in their task they have been using a Viper Fang 24T battery powered scrubber dryer to scrub and clean the floors every evening, which as you can imaging with some much floor space to cover would be impossible with just a mop and bucket, not to mention so much less effective.

Replacing a Viper Fang Recovery Hose

Armed with spare parts for the machine one of our engineers called into the department store to locate the problem and restore the performance. With dirty water being left behind the machine it was far from ideal and causing the cleaning team more work, naturally they were keen to have the machine fully operational again.

Viper Fang Recovery Hose
Viper Fang Recovery Hose

There are several potential causes for a fault such as this which include:

  • Worn seals.
  • Damaged or worn hose
  • Worn vacuum motor
  • Worn squeegee blades

Upon inspection of the machine, our engineer found that the Viper Fang Recovery Hose which runs from the floor squeegee to the recovery tank hose was worn and split due to general wear and tear. Cleaning machines get a lot of use over the years so as I mentioned earlier it’s not surprising to see problems arising with cracked or split hoses especially the recovery hose which operates under a vacuum.  With the hose being on the outside of the machine it was a simple matter of releasing the retaining clips and replacing the hose with a spare. With the Viper Fang recovery hose replaced the machine was put through a standard set of scrubber dryer tests to ensure the machine was effectively picking up water from the floor and was operating at fully capacity.

As one of the most popular range of machines on the market, it stands to reason that we see a lot of repairs for the Viper range. Usually, these repairs are solely down to improper use of the machine, a lack of preventative maintenance or simply, as it was in this case wear and tear

Replacing a Viper Fang Recovery Hose at a Liverpool City Centre Store

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