Viper Fang Battery Replacement at Swansea Retailer

Our service team received a call from the head of cleaning at a retail store in Swansea who rang to report a problem with their Viper Fang battery which wasn’t holding a charge. Viper machines are very reliable and interestingly the machine had only covered 72 hours of operation and from our experience problems with batteries in new machines are quite a rare situation. Keen to diagnose the problem an engineer was sent down to South Wales to diagnose the problem and get the machine working again.

Swansea is a busy city that originally developed out of the metal industry but now has a great deal of retail and office space recently becoming a base of operations for large corporations such as Amazon, Virgin Media and HSBC.

Inspecting a Viper Fang Battery

Armed with spares and a replacement machine our engineer made the trip to Swansea and met with the head of cleaning who was keen to get the machine back into operation. Retail stores have strict cleaning standards in order to keep the site looking welcoming and hygienic for customers. Floor cleaning is a constant activity is a store like this where you need keep on top of the customer footfall, shoe marks, scuffs, trod in dirt and trolley tracks etc. This store was no different, and to maintain the standard of the floor space in the store, the company owned a Viper Fang 24T battery-powered pedestrian scrubber drier.

Our engineer began testing to see what the problem was starting with each Viper Fang battery. Upon inspection, he found that one of the two 12v batteries was clearly faulty and this was bringing down the overall voltage of the 24v machine making it unusable. As the machine was still well within the warranty period, the engineer was able to replace the faulty Viper Fang battery with a new one completely free of charge. The replacement battery was already charged so once this was in place he machine was tested and found to be performing normally.

The machine was run for a while to discharge the batteries and then plugged in to confirm the batteries were charging. Voltage testing proved the batteries were now holding a charge as it should be and satisfied that the issue was resolved. Before leaving our engineer checked the machine for wear and tear however being relatively new no other work was required so the machine was put back into service. The original battery will be returned to our workshop for further testing and our findings reported to Viper Cleaning.

Viper Fang Battery Specifications

Viper Fang battery compartment
Viper Fang Battery Compartment

The Viper Fang range of floor cleaning scrubber dryers utilise a number of motors to drive the machine forward, operate the brushes and power the water pumps and vacuum. The electrical demand is met by its two 12 volt 20 amp hour batteries which are easily accessed via the top section of the machine.  Batteries can either be wet Lead Acid or Gel, however if wet batteries are used then electrolyte level checks should be included in the regular maintenance checks and topped up distilled water as required.

Please note you should not mix Lead Acid and Wet Batteries together in the same machine as the charger has different settings for both.

For more information please see the Viper Fang user manual: Viper_Fang-24T-26T-28T-User-Manual.pdf

Viper Fang 24T Battery Issue at Swansea Retail Store

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