Viper Fang Battery Charger Problems at a Frome Supermarket

It’s worth bearing in mind that here at A3 Machines we stock spare parts for current and past models of scrubber dryers from Fimap filters to the Viper Fang Battery Charger range. Retailing spare parts isn’t our primary business however our customers have maintenance contracts with us to service and repair a wide variety of floor cleaning hardware, so we need to ensure we have the parts available quickly to meet the SLA. If you’re looking for a spare part for a floor cleaning machine therefore it’s always worth giving us a call.

Last month you may recall one of our customers who maintains the floors a supermarket in the old market town of Frome in Somerset, got in touch to report that their scrubber dryer was not holding a charge. We sent down an engineer who after running multiple tests around the electrical system replaced the batteries which given their age were not keeping pace with demand. You can read this article via the following link: scrubber-dryer-battery-replaced-frome-retailer

The new batteries did the trick and all was well with the machine or so we thought until we recently received another call from the customer to report a similar issue. Essentially they reported that even though they had left the battery for their scrubber dryer on charge overnight, the machine had lost power very quickly when used the next day and they asked us to return and resolve the situation. The customer was responsible for the cleaning operations at a supermarket and relied on the machine to keep the floors clean which without the machine in good working order was going to be difficult.

Inspecting the Viper Fang Battery Charger

Having recently replaced both batteries in the machine and assuming the problem to be electrical we sent one of our engineers along to inspect the Viper Fang battery charger. Before leaving he made sure to stock his service vehicle with spare parts for this call and some other work that had been scheduled in along the route. The customer needed our help to rectify their issue as it could affect their business should they continue to be unable to clean their floors, washing such a large floor manually would not be practical alternative.

On arrival our engineer went straight to work to determine the root cause of the fault and after checking the voltage level on the viper fang battery charger determined that although the charger appeared to be working it was definitely not delivering a useful charge. This explained how even though the device had been left on charge overnight very little power had actually been delivered to the scrubber dryers batteries and when the machine was switched on it quickly drained what little charged remained there.

The original charger was swapped with the new Viper Fang battery charger from the service vehicle and after testing the machine again, our engineer was able to conclude that the battery was now charging properly once more, and the machine, a Viper Fang 24 Battery Powered Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer, could be used as normal.

viper fang battery charger replacement with an A3 Machines Service contractThe A3 Machines service contracts are designed to ensure your cleaning machines are always operational and if we can’t repair your machine on-site we will leave you a replacement machine until it can be returned in full working order.

In this case we were happy to return to site in order to replace the faulty viper fang battery charger and it hasn’t escaped our attention that perhaps in this case we should of replaced the battery charger at the same time as the batteries on our first visit.

Charger Problems on a Viper Fang 24 at a Supermarket in Frome

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