Viper Fang 24T Circuit Breakers Tripping in Altrincham

Scrubber Dryers are large power-hungry machines with high capacity batteries and several demanding 500-watt motors so it’s quite common to for the machines to be fitted with circuit breakers to protect the components. Whilst circuit breakers are a huge improvement over fuses they do tend to be more sensitive and can cause alarm when they start tripping, especially on a machine which holds a lot of water.

This was the situation that faced a customer of ours at a large discount store in Altrincham where their Viper Fang 24T Scrubber Dryer would suddenly lose power to the brush motors which spins the drive board. The power could be restored by resetting the affected circuit breaker however with this becoming a common occurrence it was far from ideal and was very concerning to the operator, so the best course of action was to take the machine out of service and call in one of our engineers to inspect the machine.

Tracing a Problem with Circuit Breakers

There are three 35-amp circuit breakers on the Viper Fang 24T which are located just below the main control panel switches on the rear of the machine. They control power to the brush and vacuum motors via a pair of solenoids.

Our engineer made the journey to Manchester, to the market town of Altrincham, to inspect, diagnose and repair the machine. There were many potential causes for a circuit breaker tripping including worn and overheating motors so before leaving he made sure he carried the right replacement parts should a component need replacing.

Viper Fang 24T Circuit Breakers Tripping in Altrincham
Viper Fang 24T Electrical Wiring Diagram

The first step in tracing the fault is to remove the moulded housing that protects the machine and inspect the wiring and components looking for signs of overheating etc. It was at this point our engineer noticed that a loose wire on the reset switch was causing the reset to get hot and trip. The problem was soon rectified and once the repair was complete the machine was re-assembled and put through a series of tests to ensure the problem was definitely resolved.

As one of the most popular range of machines on the market, it stands to reason that we see a lot of repairs for the Viper range. Usually, these repairs are solely down to improper use of the machine, a lack of preventative maintenance or a combination of the two. However, in this case, the fault definitely needed the attention of an engineer and was one of those occasional instances where wear and tear had taken its toll on the machine and the problem could not have been reasonably avoided.

Viper Fang 24T Wiring Repair at a Discount Retailer in Altrincham

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