Replacing Viper Fang 20 Parts at Warrington Multi-Retail Store

We received a call from a representative at a large multi-retail store in Warrington who reported that their floor cleaning machine was no longer charging. We stock replacement Viper Fang 20 parts and we suspected the most likely cause was the charger. The store was situated in Warrington, Cheshire which is close in proximity to Liverpool and Manchester and has good connections via the M6, M62 and M56 making it a popular location for a retailers, with high streets and retail parks offering variety for consumers.

Assessing the Machine

Our engineer made the trip from our headquarters in Shropshire to Warrington, Cheshire, to assess the floor cleaning machine at a multi-retail store. He was tasked with figuring out why exactly the machine was no longer charging and making any necessary repairs. Upon arrival, our engineer was also informed that the machine, a Viper Fang 20 battery-powered walk-behind scrubber dryer, was no longer releasing any water.

He first checked the filter, which turned out to be blocked. however, after cleaning the filter and removing the blockage, there was still no water being released. He then removed the solenoid, an electromagnetic valve and could immediately smell turpentine/paint thinner.  He stripped the solenoid and discovered that the diaphragm had perished due to exposure to the wrong type of fluid when the operator was cleaning the machine. Our engineer drained and refilled the tank and replaced the solenoid with a new one. He then went on to replace the faulty charger.

After replacing all the faulty Viper Fang 20 parts, our engineer carried out a full series of tests to ensure the machine was working correctly. Satisfied that the machine was back to its peak performance the machine was put back into service, but only after providing advice on some simple preventative maintenance tasks and stressing the importance of using the correct methods and liquids to clean the machine on a regular basis.


Replacement Viper Fang 20 Parts
Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Dryer

Viper Fang 20 Battery Operated Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

The Viper Fang 20 is a medium sized battery powered scrubber dryer. It is designed to be robust, due to its rotationally moulded housing, whilst also being manoeuvrable, due to its ergonomic design. It thus strikes that fine balance between usability and solidity. The machine comes with an extra set of squeegees on board, ensuring the user can regularly change and clean part when needed. There is also an on-board charger for the battery. The vacuum motor is two-stage, meaning the pressure applied by the vacuum can be altered for different surfaces if needed.

The brush is powered by a 560w motor whilst the vacuum is also powerful, controlled by a 400w motor. The solution tank can hold 50ltrs of liquid, whilst the recovery tank boasts a capacity of 57ltrs. It weighs approximately 127kg as standard, though this can obviously vary depending on the liquid contained in the machine.

Faulty Viper Fang 20 Parts Replaced at Multi-Retail Store in Warrington

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