Viper Fang 20 Parts Replaced at Blackburn Retailer

One of our customers maintains a very large retail store in Blackburn and they contacted us recently regarding a traction issue with their floor cleaning machine which needed replacement Viper Fang 20 Parts. The customer reported to us that their machine was veering to one side when they attempted to push it forward. This was a serious problem for them as it made the machine unusable and therefore requested an on-site repair from one of our engineers. The store was based in Blackburn, Lancashire, a large town in the county, notable for its historical relevance in the wool industry and now the subject of large, well-funded high street renovation.

Assessing the Machine

Our engineer travelled north from our headquarters in Shropshire, to the large retail store in Blackburn. Due to its size, the store had a lot of floor space which needed to be maintained on a daily basis due to high customer footfall which brings dirt into the store. In order to keep in line with store standards and merchandising, and to keep the store looking welcoming to customers, they had invested in a Viper Fang 20 battery-operated scrubber drier which made keeping on top of the cleaning task far easier.

As mentioned earlier the problem they faced was that when the operator made any attempt to push the machine forward it drifted to the side, making it far too awkward to use. Upon inspection, our engineer found that the two castors at the front of the machine were completely worn out, and this was causing the drift in direction whenever the machine was being used. Our engineer had brought with him a replacement machine and various spare Viper Fang 20 parts so was able to replace the worn castors there and then.

However, whilst on site, our engineer also noticed that the suction hose had a large kink in it, which would inevitably cause loss of suction. After replacing the front castors, the engineer straightened out the kink in the suction hose and tested the machine. Upon testing, it was clear that the machine was working properly again, with no issues, and our engineer could sign off on a job well done.

Viper Fang 20 Parts
Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Dryer

Viper Fang 20 Battery Powered Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

The Viper Fang 20HD is medium-sized walk-behind scrubber/dryers engineered to be robust, reliable and service friendly. Its ergonomic design allows you to easily see the floors around the machine and the variable pad pressure feature makes it possible to adjust the applied force to suit your cleaning needs allowing you to increase pressure for the tougher dirtier areas. A big 61 litre tank capacity and a longer battery run time make it possible to clean for a longer time than its competitors.
The machine is ideally suited for scrubbing and drying in a variety of environments including challenging retail floor space where its manoeuvrability is a big advantage.

For more details on the Viper Fang 20 please take a look at the following page which includes a comparison table of the viper range: Viper Fang 20 Review

Replacing Viper Fang 20 Parts at a Large Retail Store in Blackburn

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