Viper AS5160 Repair at Bradford Retailer

Our service team received a call from a retailer in Bradford about a Viper AS5160 repair. It seems their scrubber dryer was not picking up dirty water from the floor effectively. If your familiar with scrubber dryers, you will realise that this is a major issue as it’s not practical for someone to follow up with a mop.

The store was located in a Bradford retail park which was very popular with shoppers and at this time of the year with snow and rainwater to deal with they needed a Viper AS5160 Repair as soon as possible. The A3 Machines team fully understand the importance of keeping retail floors clean, not only does it provide a welcome atmosphere for customers but also that they meet the high levels of hygiene standards set by head office.

Viper AS5160 Repair in Bradford

An engineer was promptly assigned who aware that the problem most likely related to the vacuum side of the Viper AS5160 or floor squeegee ensured his service vehicle contained the relevant spare parts before setting off up the M6 and M62 towards Bradford.

Upon inspecting the machine, our engineer noticed fairly quickly that the loss of vacuum pressure in the machine was due to an air leak caused by a missing tank seal. It seems one of the operators had accidentally pulled the seal off the water tank lid and this had gone unnoticed. With the seal missing air was being pulled in through the recovery tank lid leading to a loss of pressure in the vacuum hose at the rear of the machine. To resolve the problem, it was a simple case of re-fitting the seal around the tank lid and then testing the machine to ensure that was indeed the cause of the problem.

The last thing we want is for an engineer to be called back to a customer after making a visit so before leaving the machine was given a full inspection and operation test to ensure the machine was fully operational. No more faults were revealed, so the machine was put back into service.

Viper AS5160 Scrubber Dryer
Viper AS5160 Scrubber Dryer

Viper AS5160 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

The Viper AS5160 is designed to deliver continuous, high-performance cleaning. Highly productive, this walk-behind scrubber drier comes with large capacity tanks and batteries to ensure cleaning for hours. It is also easy and comfortable to use, owing to its ergonomic design. However, they are also robust, offering in depth performance.

The Viper AS5160 is ideally suited for cleaning in retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, bus and train stations, factories and public institutions. It features a working width of 51cm and a powerful 450W brush motor.

Viper AS5160 Repair at West Yorkshire Retailer

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