Viper AS5160 Charger Fault at Buxton Superstore

We received a call from a customer representing the cleaning staff at a superstore, regarding issues they were having with their Viper AS5160 floor cleaning machine. According to the customer, the fuse in the charger would occasionally blow during usage. The superstore was situated in Buxton, Derbyshire, in the heart of the peak district, attracting a decent number of tourists, bringing with them their custom in the local retail outlets, such as the Springs Shopping Centre.

Fault Finding on a Viper AS5160

The cleaning staff in the superstore had to ensure that the floors were kept clean and kept free of any potential trip hazards to customers, so to make this task manageable, they used a Viper AS5160 Battery Operated Scrubber Dryer . The staff had reported that the fuse kept blowing out when the machine was being charged and it was, as far as they were concerned, a mystery as to why this was happening. Therefore, they decided to call us, and we were only too happy to send an engineer to assist them.

When the engineer arrived at the store, he began his inspection of the charger and found the problem to be relatively minor and a very simple fix. Someone had replaced the 13 Amp fuse in the charger plug with a 3 Amp fuse – no wonder it kept blowing! Naturally our engineer had a ready supply of spare fuses, including a 13 Amp one needed to fix the problem. Once he made the switch, he could confirm the charger was working as expected and was charging the Viper AS5168 without problem.

Satisfied the incorrect fuse rating was the cause of the problem the charger was put back into operation. Certainly, there has been no further calls regarding this problem from the superstore.

Viper AS5160 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Viper AS5160 Scrubber Dryer
Viper AS5160 Scrubber Dryer

The Viper AS5160 battery powered scrubber dryer is designed to deliver continuous, high-performance cleaning. Highly productive, this walk-behind cleaning machine comes with large 61 litre cleaning and recovery tanks and two 12v 100Ah AGM batteries that enable the machine to run for hours. This is particularly useful when it comes to superstores such as the one our customer on this occasion was cleaning, as large areas would need to be cleaned in as efficient a manner as possible. It is also easy and comfortable to use, owing to its ergonomic design. Again, this provides our customer with the manoeuvrability needed to navigate the fixtures and fittings in the store.

The Viper AS5160 is ideally suited for cleaning in hotels, restaurants, bus and train stations, factories, supermarkets and public areas. It features a working width of 51cm and a powerful 450W brush motor that scrubs the floor and a 350W vacuum motor to extract the soiled cleaning solution from the floor into the recovery tank. The Traction model features an additional 150W drive motor that pushes the machine along at 4.5 km per hour.

Viper AS5160 Charger Fuse Replacement at Derbyshire Superstore

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