Viper AS5160 Charger Connection Trouble at a Kirby Supermarket

It’s not uncommon for untrained users of the Viper AS5160 to have problems with the charger connection and recently we were asked to visit a supermarket in Kirkby, Merseyside where this had happened. On this occasion, the customer reported that their floor cleaning machine was not charging, despite the battery having been left on charge overnight. Our engineers are always on the move and with quite a few customers in the Liverpool area we were able to send an engineer round quite quickly to investigate.

Investigating Viper AS5160 Charger Issue

The supermarket urgently needed the machine up and running again, as cleaning the floors is a top priority in the premises to keep everything clean, presentable and hygienic for shoppers. The machine with which the staff were experiencing the problem was a Viper AS5160 walk behind scrubber dryer which is usually a very reliable bit of kit however with machines like these in constant use you can expect some wear and tear.

Upon arrival, our engineer began his testing, but it did not take him long to be able to confirm what the problem was. When our engineer was taken to the machine on charge, he immediately spotted that the charger connection  was plugged into the wrong socket on the machine and hadn’t been connected to the battery at all,  hence the machine wasn’t charging.  There had been a recent exodus of staff and the high turnover meant that none of the new staff were given any proper training with how to operate the Viper AS5160. As such, when putting the machine on charge, the member of staff simply took a guess as to which socket was the right one.

This meant that whilst there was no repair work necessary for our engineer, he did remain on site to offer some additional training to the members of the team, which included a demonstration, plus advice on how to clean and maintain the machine properly to avoid problems caused in the future.

Correct Viper AS5160 Charger Connection

If you take a look at the photos below you will get a better appreciation of the problem.

Viper AS5160 Charger Connection
Viper AS5160 Charger Connection

The correct method for connecting the machine to the battery is as follows:

  1. Unplug the Red Anderson Plug from the machine resulting in the battery lead being disconnected.
  2. The lead from the batteries with the Red Anderson connector is then pushed into the lead from the battery charger which also has a Red Anderson connector .

What our customers do constantly is put the battery charger lead with the red connector into the red connector on the machine not the one that is connected to the batteries. (which we class as trying to charge fresh air)

Once fully charged the large capacity of the Viper AS5160 cleaning tanks and dual batteries  enabled the machine to deliver continuous, high-performance cleaning for hours. This is particularly useful when it comes to superstores such as the one our customer on this occasion was cleaning, as large floor areas can be scrubbed quickly and efficiently. It is also easy and comfortable to use, owing to its ergonomic design. Again, this provides our customer with the manoeuvrability needed to navigate the fixtures and fittings in the store.

Viper AS5160 Charger Connector Training at a Kirkby Supermarket

You can download a user manual for the Viper AS5160 from the following link:  Viper-AS5160-AS5160T-User-Manual.pdf

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