Victor Floor Polisher Repair at Manchester Restaurant

A member of the cleaning team at a large restaurant in Manchester discovered some exposed wires on their Victor Floor Polisher which was used to clean the stone floors there. The issue was escalated to the manager of the restaurant who immediately took the machine out of service and searched the internet looking for a solution. A3 Machines service and repair cleaning machines across the UK and so having found our website decided to contact us to see what the options were.

With a population of half a million people the City of Manchester is a very busy place that’s popular with tourists visiting it’s many attractions and retailers; it also has a strong industrial base and features quite regularly on our engineers routing schedule.

Repairing a Victor Floor Polisher

As we already had an engineer in the area we were able to ask him to cal into on the restaurant and take a look; Victor machines have been manufactured for over seventy years so it’s always possible that the machine might be beyond economic repair. The restaurant needed the machine to ensure that the polished stone floors looked immaculate and of course clean for customers so the manager was keen to get the machine back in action as soon as possible.

When he inspected the machine, our engineer found that the cable was damaged in several areas, exposing the wires beneath. This is not an usual problem for cabled machines which can easily get caught and snagged around furniture during the cleaning process and this is why it’s important to ensure your machines are PAT tested for electrical safety on regular basis. Our engineers carry an extensive range of stock on their service vehicles and was therefore able to replace the power cable and PAT test the machine without having to make a second visit. The restaurant owned four cleaning machines in total and our engineer was asked to check the others over, which he did. This did not involve a full service, but merely a quick set of checks including a PAT Test to make sure the machines were good to use. All of the other machines were found to be in good condition and in full working order.

After having made the repair to the damaged cable and given the other three machines a safety check, our engineers work was done. The customer was very happy with the outcome and could now use their Victor Floor Polisher with peace of mind, knowing it was safe and ready to use.

Victor Floor Cleaning Machines

High Speed Victor Floor Polisher
Victor Europa – High Speed Floor Polisher

The Victor Brand is owned by Barnborough Ltd and is a well known and respected supplier of smaller floor cleaning machines which includes steam cleaners, wet and dry vacuums and floor buffers and burnishers. Their current range of rotary floor machines includes Lynx, Contractor and Sprite but we often see older models being traded between cleaning contractors on the second hand market. We find that the Victor floor polisher range has a low price point for what is a quality product with great cleaning power.

If your currently looking for a second hand Victor Machine please contact us on
01630 661 596 as we usually have a number of reconditioned machines in stock. All our machines are fully serviced, PAT Tested and come with a warranty which makes them a much better solution than buying a second hand machine from an unknown source.



Repairing a Victor Floor Polisher for a Restaurant in Manchester

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