Victor Europa Floor Buffer Repair at Hereford Flooring Company

A representative of a flooring company contacted us to notify us of an issue with a Victor Europa Floor Buffer and asked if we could send someone to take a look at it. The problem seemed to be that no power was going to the motor. The company are based in Hereford, Herefordshire, a town notable for its manufacturing, particularly in the ale industry, being home to a number of breweries. But on top of this, there are many other independent manufacturers and industrial businesses in the area, much like the one our customer represents.

Victor Europa Plated 17 High Speed Floor Polisher
Victor Europa Plated 17 Floor Polisher

Victor Europa Buffer Repair

We sell, rent and service Victor floor machines so having taken as much detail as we could over the phone an Engineer was assigned and sent down to the flooring company in Hereford. The machine in question was a Victor Europa Floor Buffer, which was used on a weekly basis to polish the floor of the main showroom and reception area of the premises.

Upon arrival, our engineer carried out a thorough set of tests on the floor buffer, with the aim of isolating the cause of the issue. The problem was that no power was reaching the motor of the machine so the central plate that holds the pads was not spinning at all. After stripping down the machine our Engineer located the source of the problem to be a loose wire. This was an easy fix, a problem that was rectified in only a few minutes. After resoldering the wire, our engineer tested the machine fully and found that it was working at its peak again.

Overall the machine was in good condition however the Victor Europa motor spins at 300rpm resulting in vibrations which can cause wear and tear issues of this nature over time. As this was the result of general wear and tear, there was no need, on this occasion, for our engineer to talk to the staff about preventative maintenance or general care of the machine, as it seemed to be in good condition and was clearly well maintained.

Victor Europa Floor Buffer

The Europa range of Victor Floor buffing machines offer great value for money and are very popular with UK floor cleaning professionals. Available in a high-speed model for polishing and general scrubbing, the Victor Europa is a solid, general purpose rotary machine that combines both high functionality and reliability. Its available in a number of specifications and is designed to work within an 17” (450mm) brushes and pads.

The Victor Europa is ideally suited for cleaning and polishing large tiled floors such as showrooms and reception areas like the one on the premises of our customer in Hereford, where a pristine and well-polished floor is necessary and where regular use is essential. A reliable and fairly priced machine, the Victor Europa is perfect for those small-medium floors that need to be left with a great shine.

Victor Europa Floor Buffer Repair at Flooring Company in Hereford

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