Traction Drive Fault Repair for Ellesmere Port Retailer

Our service team recently attended a retail store in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire on the request of the manager who reported that their Viper Fang scrubber dryer had developed a traction drive fault and literally had “no drive”. Ellesmere Port is close to Liverpool and Chester and is a hub for retail due to it being the site of the major Coliseum Shopping Park.

Evaluating the Traction Drive Fault

One of our engineers made the journey across to Ellesmere Port in Cheshire to evaluate the machine and effect a repair to the floor cleaning machine. As a retail store in a busy shopping center the floors require daily cleaning to ensure the store is well presented in the face of regular customer traffic. Their Viper Fang 24T Battery Powered Pedestrian Scrubber Drier was an essential tool for the cleaning team who would be faced with the long and arduous task of cleaning the floors with a mop and bucket without it. The problem, according to the manager there, was that the machine had no drive whatsoever, and so it wasn’t generating enough power to move the machine forward for even the most basic of cleaning tasks.

Our engineer was only too happy to take a look at the fault; all our engineers are very experienced and have received manufacturer training so more than capable of resolving issues such as this.  He gave the machine a thorough inspection, intending to find the source of the issue that the cleaning staff were experiencing. During this inspection, our engineer found that the problem was being caused by a collapsed bearing on the axle.  He completely removed the axle and replaced it with a new one with spare viper floor cleaner parts  carried on the service vehicle.

Whilst on-site he gave the machine a through inspection looking for potential issues and worn out parts; it does not reflect well on the company if an engineer is called back to a site we recently visited to effect a service or repair so we always aim to leave a machine in the best condition possible.  During the inspection he replaced the vacuum filter and noticed that the two rear traction wheels had signs of wear so replacements were fitted.

Before leaving the machine was run through a series of operational tests to ensure it was fully operational, all was well so it was returned to service much to the relief of the cleaning staff.  It’s worth noting that a traction drive fault is quite a rare occurrence on the Viper Fang range of machines however given the amount of use these machines  receive it’s not surprising that they occasionally need a replacement part.

Viper Fang 24T Traction Drive Fault Repair
Viper Fang 24T Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

Viper Fang 24T Scrubber Dryer

Floor cleaning machines see regular use which can result in the machine being roughly handled, the team at Viper Cleaning realise this and this is why the Viper Fang range of  scrubber dryers are housed in a moulded body that provides robust impact protection.   The 24T is a sold machine that measures 141 x 66 x 100cm but the size has not affected it’s  maneuverability which is excellent for its size allowing it to navigate through crowded areas.

The machine works in virtue of two tanks, one of which releases clean water and chemicals. The brushes then scrub the floor and the dirty water is sucked up as the machine moves over it, depositing the dirty water in the second tank.  This makes it very simple to dispose of the dirty water and leaves the floor dry; the large 66-litre tank also means the user can spend less time filling and emptying tanks and more time cleaning.

Viper Fang 24T Repair at Ellesmere Port Retailer

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