Tile Cleaning Machine Repair at Tottenham Retail Store

On this occasion we received a call from one of the stores of a national retailer to take a look at the their Floor Tile Cleaning Machine which had become damaged and was in need of repair. The store was located in Tottenham, a district of North London in the Borough of Haringey. Tottenham is notable for being the site of a large-scale project of affordable housing for workers commuting into London from the recently built Enfield and Walthamstow train stations in the late 19th Century.

Once we had collated all the pertinent information an engineer was dispatched with spare parts to inspect the machine and make the necessary repairs, carry out testing to ensure the machine was performing adequately again, and give advice to the cleaning staff at the store about regular maintenance.

Assessing the Floor Cleaning Machine

As a large store in the town, it had a vast amount of tiled floor space, which, as a result of regular customer foot fall and trolley traffic, needs consistent cleaning to meet store and hygiene standards. Thus, it was very important for the engineer to assess the machine and remedy the issue quickly so the machine could be returned to service.

The machine in question was a Viper Fang 24T pedestrian scrubber dryer which is known for being a robust and reliable machine that works really well as tile cleaning machine, however like any machine with moving parts wear and tear does take its toll.  After inspecting the machine, the engineer discovered a few problems. Firstly, the squeegee bar’s spout seal needed replacing as it was worn. Secondly, the filter was blocked and had become cracked as a result. Also, the waste feed pipe had become detached from the pads and there were missing shrouds at the front of the machine. There were other missing parts too, and lastly, the hose had become kinked so this would also need replacing to make it a better fit.

All the missing parts were replaced with new parts, the squeegee bar was refitted with a new seal and the hose was replaced. On top of this, the entire machine was descaled and cleaned, which would help the overall performance of the machine and would, with the necessary maintenance on the part of the operator, prevent any more issues arising in the future.

Viper Fang 24T Tile Cleaning Machine
Viper Fang 24T Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

Viper Fang 24T Battery Powered Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

The Viper 24 features a 66 litre tank and is a robust machine measuring 141 x 66 x 100cm. It is protected by front and rear collision protection and an impact-proof cover. It works in virtue of two tanks, one of which releases clean water and chemicals. The brushes then scrub the floor and the dirty water is sucked up as the machine moves over it, depositing the dirty water in the second tank. This makes it very simple to dispose of the dirty water.

The customer was satisfied with the results and the machine is once again running at its peak. Aside from repairing the machine, the engineer offered in depth advice about the future maintenance of the machine, demonstrating the most effective way to descale the water tanks. Advice on preventative maintenance and proper care of the machines is something that is always offered to customers.

Repairing a Viper Fang 24T Tile Cleaning Machine

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