Tennant 5680 Repair at Bollington Coating Factory

The staff in the A3 Machines office took a call from a customer reporting an issue with their Tennant 5680 floor cleaning machine. The machine was used by the cleaning team of a specialised coating factory in Bollington, Cheshire, a small town close to Macclesfield in the North West of the United Kingdom.

The company specialise in applying thin coatings to paper or film for various uses such as security applications. Keeping the floors clean at the factory is important to minimise the risk of contamination during the manufacturing process as well as preventing health and safety issues such as slip hazards. Naturally the cleaning team wanted the machine back in full operation as quickly as possible.

Tennant 5680 Repair

We sent one of our engineers over to Cheshire, to assess the floor Tennant 5680 battery-powered scrubber dryer which was failing to suck up water from the floor during cleaning. Scrubber Dryers work by applying cleaning fluid at the front of the machine which is then scrubbed into the floor as you move forward and then extracted into the recovery tank by a vacuum at the rear of the machine. With the vacuum out of operation the machine was essentially leaving dirty water on the floor causing a slip hazard.

Our engineers are fully trained in the servicing of these machines and usually find a loss of vacuum is due to blocked filters, a broken recovery tank float switch, electrical connections, degraded gaskets, damaged or clogged suction hoses and worn squeegee blades so there were plenty of potential causes. Our engineer started by testing the machine to verify the problem and found that the situation was exactly as reported: the machine was only sucking up a small amount of dirty water. Further testing eventually isolated the source of the problem as a loose vacuum motor which allowed air into the system thus reducing suction.

This was a repair that our engineer could carry out on-site without needing to replace any Tennant 5680 parts. He simply tightened the vacuum motor and resealed it. As expected, when the machine was tested, all was found to be working well, and the customer was left extremely pleased with the outcome of our engineer’s visit to the company.

Tennant 5680 Scrubber Dryer Diagram
Tennant 5680 Scrubber Dryer Diagram reproduced courtesy of http://uk.tennantco.com

Tennant 5680 Industrial Strength Walk Behind floor cleaner

The Tennant 5680 battery powered floor cleaner is a solid machine capable of working in any environment including factory floors. The Tennant 5680 large 114 litre solution and 151 litre recovery tanks combined with the 36-volt, 235 Amp Hour battery pack gives over three hours of operation making it ideal for the efficient cleaning of large areas.

Simple controls and streamlined maintenance result in a reduced cost of ownership. The simplicity of the machine also reduces operator training time to a minimum, and with its unique ec-H20 Nano-Clean technology, the amount of water and detergent needed to clean is also vastly reduced against its competitors. Its robust body and corrosion-resistant scrub-deck, combined with impact absorbing linkages means the Tennant 5680 is tough and can withstand years-upon-years of usage. The easy to clean and easily accessible tanks ensure that mould, bacteria and odours are also reduced.

Tennant 5680 Repair at Cheshire Coating Company

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