Taski Swingo 1255B Repair at Retail Store in Luton

Our engineers have been very busy this week primarily visiting and servicing cleaning machines at retail stores all around the county. It was no surprise therefore to get another call from a retailer needing assistance, this time in based in Luton, Bedfordshire. The customer was calling from a large retail store in the town, informing us that their Taski Swingo 1255B floor cleaning machine was switching on fine, but was not functioning properly. An engineer was sent to the store to inspect the machine, locate the source of the fault and make on site repairs to get the machine in full working order again.

Finding Faults on a Taski Swingo 1255

An engineer was sent to the retail store in Luton, Bedfordshire to inspect the machine and isolate the source of the problem. As a large store in the town, it had a vast amount of tiled floor space, which, as a result of regular customer foot fall and trolley traffic, needs consistent cleaning to meet store and hygiene standards. Thus, it was very important for the engineer to assess the machine and remedy the issue as quickly as possible. The customer reported that the machine started fine, and appeared to be moving okay, with no audible cues to indicate a fault. However, it was not actually cleaning at all, instead seeming to do nothing.

The machine was a Taski Swingo 1255B battery powered automatic scrubber dryer. The engineer put the machine through a series of tests to diagnose the issue. Firstly, the main panel was removed to reveal the internal circuitry of the unit. On this count, there was no obvious reason why the machine was failing to function. The engineer then moved onto his next diagnostic, which involved exposing the motor to a power load, but, again, nothing stood out to indicate a fault with this part of the machine. The engineer proceeded to test the pedal and its linkage to the main unit, but still no fault was evident. Another diagnostic was applied to the adjuster, with no results. Penultimately, the battery connector was tested and, as with the previous tests, nothing was found to be malfunctioning here. Finally, the engineer tested the drive motor and found that the carbon brushes were sticking. This was the issue! The engineer freed these off the unit and reassembled the machine, before testing the machine. At this point, the cleaner was deemed to be performing correctly.

Taski Swingo 1255b battery operated scrubber drier
Taski Swingo 1255b battery operated scrubber drier

Taski Swingo 1255B Battery Powered Automatic Scrubber Dryer

The Taski Swingo 1255B is a walk-behind auto scrubber, ideally sized for performance and features offset brushes for superior cleaning along walls and under racks. The machine’s patented IntelliFlow™ always ensures the right amount of cleaning solution on the floor and leads to significant water savings. This feature, in combination with the 16-gallon (60-l) tank volume, increases productivity and reduces time-consuming tank filling stops during the cleaning operation. The dual-axle system ensures easy handling and allows comfortable use of the machine. The machine’s patented brush design follows the floor profile and delivers nearly even pressure allocation along the full working width. Two brushes are offset to the side, allowing superior cleaning along walls and under racks. This results in excellent soil removal and floor appearance. The patented V-shaped squeegee allows excellent water pick-up on all floor types, even on structured and grouted/tiled floors. Special squeegee blades and a direct suction line allow pick-up of small debris (e.g., cigarette butts) without clogging. Due to the proven three-wheel concept, adjustments of the squeegee are no longer necessary.

The customer was satisfied with the results and the machine is once again running at its peak. Aside from repairing the machine, the engineer offered in depth advice about the future maintenance of the machine, demonstrating the most effective way to descale the water tanks and highlighting the importance of regularly greasing the bolts. Advice on preventative maintenance and proper care of the machines is something that is always offered to customers.

A3 machines maintain a library of cleaning machine manuals; if you need one for the Taski Swingo 1255B please use the following link: Taski-Swingo-755b-855b-1255b-User-Manual.pdf

Taski Swingo 1255B Repair at Retail Store in Luton

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