Taski Aquamat 45 Repair at Victorian Mansion

The head of housekeeping at a large Victorian mansion in Kent called us to report that their Taski Aquamat 45 Carpet Cleaner had developed a fault and needed repairing. The mansion forms part of Solomon’s Estate which is a highly rated venue used for weddings, conferences and corporate events.

About Solomon’s Estate

Situated just two miles outside the spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Salomon’s Estate is a stunning Victorian mansion, designed by the acclaimed architect Decimus Burton at the request of Sir David Salomon’s who was a political rights campaigner and Lord Mayor of London.

As well as 36 acres of beautiful rolling gardens the mansion features twelve meeting and event spaces including an impressive Victorian theatre all of which have been sympathetically restored. Many rooms feature carpeted flooring that are regularly cleaned following functions and with their Taski Aquamat 45 carpet cleaner out of action the housekeeper was keen to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Solomons Estate Royal Tunbridge Wells
Solomons Estate Royal Tunbridge Wells

Repairing a Taski Aquamat 45 Carpet Cleaner

We were able to schedule in a visit with an A3 Engineer who was due to make a number of calls in the South East area that week, we had been informed that the main issue was related to the release of cleaning fluid on to the carpet so he made sure to stock his vehicle with Taski Aquamat 45 parts that were related to that part of the system.

Once at the mansion our Engineer started to inspect the machine and assess the location of the fault. The most obvious cause would be the filter and although there was some detritus that needed cleaning this wasn’t preventing water from being released. Next step was to check the solenoid which is an electromagnetic valve that controls the release of water. It was clearly faulty and so the cover of the machine was removed so the unit could be replaced with a new part.

After replacing the solenoid and giving the machine a general once over, everything was back in full working order and the machine could be used for its purpose once again. A relatively simple repair job for our engineer, but one which left our customer at the estate very happy with the result!

Taski Aquamat 45 Carpet Cleaner
Taski Aquamat 45 Carpet Cleaner

Taski Aquamat 45 Carpet Cleaner

The Taski Aquamat 45 employs a mechanical brushing action to achieve better and deeper cleaning results. Deep cleaning through spray extraction is the ultimate way of thoroughly cleaning your carpets. This process increases the lifetime of your carpets by removing ingrained dirt whilst maintaining the high appearance levels.

The Taski Aquamat 45 is ideally suited for medium sized carpeted areas and corridors. The large tank capacity reduces the number of refilling stops. The powerful suction results in a shorter drying time. In addition to its spray extraction capability.

The machine measures at a working width of 45cm and weighs approximately 39 kg, it features bi-directional movement and is easy to operate.

Taski Aquamat 45 Repair at Conference and Wedding Venue in Kent

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