Shop Floor Cleaning Machine Repaired in Teesside

Over the festive period, a call came in for one of our engineers to take a look at a non-functioning shop floor cleaning machine. Representatives at the multi-retail store had reported that their Shop Floor Cleaning Machine was no longer working and they needed someone to make repairs. The store was located in the Teesside area of North East England, Teesside or Cleveland as its now known, expanded rapidly from 1926 when it became the main base of chemical company ICI who utilised the local mineral deposits to produce fertilisers.

Assessing the Shop Floor Cleaning Machine

Whilst many were enjoying a long Christmas break, our engineers were back on the road over the festive period, helping to keep the shop floors clean as people hit the sales. The call came in from a large retail store in Teesside. As a large store in the area, it had a vast amount of floor space, which, as a result of regular customer foot fall and trolley traffic, needs consistent cleaning to meet store and hygiene standards. As usual the pressure was on for the engineer to assess the machine, remedy the issue and make it available for use by the cleaning team who were due to clean the store that evening.

The machine in question was the ever popular Viper Fang 24T battery powered scrubber dryer, which was not powering up. It had been reported that the power lead had been damaged and this was most likely the cause. The machine is battery powered and so was unable to charge properly after use.

Upon inspection, the engineer found that the Anderson Plug had broken, which was in turn causing the wire to disconnect from the lug. The engineer decided it was best to replace both the lug and the Anderson plug on the power pack, and as he had both of these parts to hand, there was no need for the customer to wait. Anderson Connectors or Anderson Plugs as they are more commonly known are designed for connecting large cables used in high current applications. Whilst carrying out the inspection, the engineer also noticed damage to the lid of the waste tank, so he replaced that as well whilst he was on site.

Viper Fang 24T Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer for Shop Floor Cleaning
Viper Fang 24T Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

Viper Fang 24T Battery Powered Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

The Viper Fang Scrubber Dryer is a large walk-behind scrubber dryer that has proved very popular with our customers who have large floor areas that need cleaning on a regular basis.

One of the main benefits of the Viper Fang is that its large 24v 20 Amp deep cycle battery which allows you to clean large areas without being restricted by the length of the power cable or having to worry about it becoming a trip or electrical hazard. Other features include the ability to adjust the cleaning pad pressure depending on the surface being cleaned. The machine has a 66 litre tank to hold the cleaning solution and a 75 litre tank to hold the dirty solution recovered from the floor via the vacuum system.

The customer was satisfied with the results and the machine is once again running at its peak. Aside from repairing the machine, the engineer offered in depth advice about the future maintenance of the machine. Advice on preventative maintenance and proper care of the machines is something that is always offered to customers.

Viper Fang 24T Machine Repaired in Cleveland

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