Streaky Floor Resolved for Altrincham Retailer

Our first call out of the New Year was to an Office Supplies retailer in Altrincham to resolve a problem they had reported with their scrubber dryer which was leaving a streaky floor behind the machine and therefore had not been cleaning properly.

For retailers keeping the flooring clean and presentable for customers is very important and especially so if your part of a major chain with high standards to meet. Having a streaky floor does not meet those standards and so to achieve high marks in this area requires a lot on fully working equipment. It’s reassuring for a store manager that there is a reliable company that you can outsource this problem to and this is where the A3 Machines service and breakdown program really comes in.

Investigating the Source of Streaky Floor Marks

Scrubber dryers generally work by deploying cleaning fluid at the front of the machine, work the fluid into the machine using a large scrubbing pad and then pick up the dirty water with a long squeegee at the back of the machine where it can be extracted under vacuum into a recovery tank into the machine. Any issue with the finish on the floor is therefore most likely down to the scrubbing pad or squeegee.

Nilfisk BA 530 Floor Scrubber causing Streaky Floor
Nilfisk BA 530 Floor Scrubber Dryer Floor Cleaning Machine

The machine in question was a Nilfisk BA530 Battery operated scrubber dryer and so before setting off to Altrincham our engineer ensured their service vehicle had the relevant spare parts available and a full set of service manuals to hand.

On arrival at the store in Altrincham our engineer immediately noticed the cause of the problem was due to the squeegee bar adjusters which required re-positioning. This was a simple procedure to carry out and one which the operator should have been trained on previously but in reality we know this often gets missed. To reduce unnecessary call outs in future our engineer ran through a thorough demonstration of the machine including the maintenance checks.

Whilst running through the checks our engineer noticed that the machines water filter was blocked which will have impacted the performance of the machine. With the operator in attendance the water filter was easily cleared and having solved both issues the machine was fully tested and found to be in good working order.

Nilfisk BA530 Scrubber Dryer

The Nilfisk BA 530 is a compact automatic scrubber dryer designed to leave floors clean and dry in a single quick pass. The clear, pictorial display puts all controls within easy reach and simplifies operation. Ideal for cleaning up to 1500 m2 of hard flooring in e.g. retail spaces, schools and warehouses it also features a curved squeegee to eliminate the need for spot-mopping.

Coming from the Nilfisk Grey line stable of products, it is designed for use by Contract Cleaners with a focus on Hygiene and Safety. The latest model in this line is the BA551 and BA611 which have been improved to lower cleaning costs through the reduced use of consumables.

For a full review of the BA 530 scrubber dryer including a technical comparison to the BA551 and BA611 please visit:

Nilfisk BA 551 Scrubber Dryer

The A3 Machines Service Program

Choosing A3 Machines for your supplier automatically entitles you to our Nationwide UK ON-SITE call out service covering breakdowns at any time, thus ensuring your productivity and cleaning schedules are uninterrupted. Our factory trained service staff provide onsite repairs and preventative maintenance on all types and brands of cleaning and industrial equipment. We also carry an extensive inventory of replacement parts and our relationship with manufactures enable us to source other items very quickly.

Nilfisk BA 530 Scrubber Dryer Service for Altrincham Retailer

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