Scrubber Dryer Drive Motor Failure at Blackpool Furniture Showroom

More often than not, our engineers can repair a machine on site as they carry an extensive range of spares on their vans, but occasionally its necessary to bring it back to our in-house workshop for repair. This was the case recently, with a customer at a furniture showroom in Blackpool, Lancashire, whose floor cleaning machine had a drive motor failure and would not move.

The seaside resort is very popular and notable for its 3,000 hotels and guest houses. Retail is also a major contributor to Blackpool’s economy and many Blackpool residents work in the retail sector, either in the town centre or the retail parks on the edge of town.

Diagnosing the Drive Motor Failure

Our engineer travelled up to Blackpool, Lancashire, to visit the furniture showroom and repair the machine on-site. It was imperative our engineer found a solution to their problem quickly, as the machine sees daily usage to keep the floors free of scuffing and looking presentable for customers. The problem they were experiencing was that the machine wouldn’t move forward and for obvious reasons, this prevented the machine from being used.

The floor cleaning machine they owned was a Viper Fang 24T battery powered pedestrian scrubber dryer and as it saw daily usage, our engineer was keen to make sure he left the customer with a working machine. Upon arrival, he carried out his usual set of diagnostic tests, to isolate the source of the problem. Eventually, our engineer narrowed it down to a problem with the drive motor. Replacing the motor would involve stripping down the transaxle drive assembly which would take time and not easily done on-site.

Viper Fang Drive Motor Failure
Viper Fang Drive Transaxle

Repairing a Viper Fang 24T Drive Motor

Replacing the defective drive motor was going to be difficult so this meant that the machine would have to be taken back to our workshop in Shropshire where we have a fully tooled facility and is by far the best place to make complex repairs.

Conscious of not leaving the customer empty-handed, our engineer arranged for them to have a like-for-like, free of charge loan machine to use whilst their existing machine is repaired. Our Engineers often carry replacement machines with them for this purpose, so it was just a question of swapping the machines over, so they were able to keep the showroom floors clean.

There’s no charge for a loan machine whilst yours is being repaired and it wasn’t long before the drive motor failure problem was resolved in the workshop and their original machine returned to Blackpool and put back into operation. Our goal is to reduce downtime to our customers, so this is all part of the service we offer at A3 Machines.

Click the following link to download the Viper_Fang 24T 26T 28T User Manual.pdf

Viper Fang 24T Repair at Furniture Showroom in Blackpool

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