SC2000 Steam Cleaner Repair at Blackpool Hotel

We were contacted recently by the Head of Housekeeping for a major hotel in Blackpool who needed help with their SC2000 Steam Cleaner. The machine was quite worryingly giving off a burning smell when it was being used and the staff were concerned it may not be safe to use. Blackpool as I’m sure you’re aware is a popular Lancashire seaside resort famous for being a hotspot for domestic tourism, as many British seaside towns are. As such, there is an abundance of hotels and guest houses of different grades and sizes with the most desirable situated along the seafront.

With promises of bringing back sticks of Blackpool Rock and a Kiss Me Quick hat our engineer hit the road to travel from our base of operations in Shropshire up to the seaside town of Blackpool. Blackpool is generally a busy resort, from family holidays to stag and hen parties to pensioners making the journey for some seaside nostalgia – as such, the hotel industry plays a big part. Competition for hotel customers is huge in Blackpool and achieving good reviews are important, it is therefore essential that a strict cleaning regime is maintained in order to keep the guests happy.

Keeping a hotel in top condition is the responsibility of the Head Housekeeper who is busy dealing with the impact of a constant turnover of hotel guests and visitors. Cleaning machines make this task easier and the SC2000 Steam Cleaner, which is a powerful yet portable machine that can clean and sanitise surfaces very quickly, has become an important piece of kit for the housekeeping staff.

Assessing the Machine

The issue they were having with the steam cleaner was that every time they would start to use it, the operator could smell burning. Obviously, this is a concern, as the machine could be dangerous.

Upon inspection, it was found that the rubber hose that runs to the steam tank was split, which meant the steamer was not getting up to the correct pressure, causing it to overheat and the excessive temperature led to the smell of burning. Our engineers carry numerous spares in their vehicles and so he was able to replace the split hose with a new one. The machine was then fully tested including an electrical PAT test before being signed off for operational use. The machine is no longer overheating of giving off a burning smell and has been returned to the housekeeping department. The service team back in Shropshire are still waiting for their Rock and Hats however.

SC2000 Steam Cleaner Service and Repair image courtesy of Cleaning Equipment Service Ltd
The SC2000 Steam Cleaner

SC2000 Steam Cleaner Machine

The SC2000 is one of the most versatile commercial Steam and Vacuum cleaners on the market today. With 6 bar steam pressure at a volume of 2.6 kg/hr and continuous steam output it has enough power to cope with the dirtiest surfaces and to sanitise to the highest standards. It’s compact size and cost effectiveness makes it ideal for every type of business from contract cleaning through to food retailing and residential care.

The SC2000 Commercial Steam Cleaner utilizes the latest steam technology and uses very little water with no harsh chemicals, so providing maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact. The SC2000 comes equipped with copper boilers and external heating elements, which guards the machine against explosions and in areas with hard water, protects the machine against limescale. It is well equipped to clean a variety of surfaces, from windows and porcelain to carpet and laminate.

SC2000 Repair at Hotel in Blackpool

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