Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Repair at Boston Care Home

Here at A3 Machines we Retail, Lease, Hire, Repair and Service all types of floor cleaning machinery from large ride on machines down to small Carpet Cleaners such as in this case the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro. We also offer a full maintenance solution and on this occasion we received a call from a customer at a care home regarding their Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine which they reported was failing to pump water.

The care home was located in the market town of Boston, Lincolnshire which sits on the edge of the Wash.  Boston is also a port town, with a local economy which thrives from the production of food; including vegetables and potatoes – and the logistics companies which deal with the transport of the food around the country.

Assessing the Rug Doctor

Our engineer made the journey to the care home in Boston, to see what he could do to get their Rug Doctor Mighty Pro working again. As the customer was based in a care home, the premises had a large amount of carpeted floor space, which for reasons of cleanliness, general hygiene and health and safety protocols, needed to be kept free of dirt and soiling at all times.  This is apt to build up quickly in a care home where spillages and regular foot traffic from visitors are quite common.  To meet these needs, the customer had opted for the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner which is a small machine well suited to this environment.

Upon inspecting the machine, our engineer found that the water tank had simply been allowed to dry out and after refilling the tank and testing, the carpet cleaning machine seemed to be working properly once again.  However, a further possible cause was that the coil pump may be going through intermittent failure so he advised the customer that should it happen again, he would return with a new pump which should alleviate the problem completely.

That said, it has now been three weeks since our engineer fixed the problem with the tank and as of yet, no faults have been reported. The customer is still using the carpet cleaning machine with no issues but being honest with customers and letting them know of any larger problems that could arise is part and parcel of the service we offer.

rug doctor mighty pro carpet cleaner
     Rug Doctor Mighty Pro

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro gives you the results of a professional carpet cleaner with its one pass cleaning system, so no repetitive back and forth motion is required. The secret is the Mighty Pro’s Injection, Agitation and Extraction – process. It measures at 64.8 x 29.2 x 55.9 cm, making it relatively compact and manoeuvrable.

The machine can clean 40m2 in one fill, making it ideally suited for those tight carpeted areas.  It also has a path width of 26cm of coverage, but its one pass system means there is no need to go over flooring that has already been covered.

The solution tank is 9.8 litres whilst the recovery tank is 11.7 litres, and these are both easily accessible for quick and simple cleaning. The handle is also retractable, for that added storage solution.

Repairing a Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Machine in Lincolnshire

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