Replacing a Pad Retaining Board at a Chester Fashion Store

One of our customers in Chester asked for one of our engineers to pay them a visit due to an unusual problem with their Viper Fang 20HD floor scrubber. They reported that their floor cleaning machine was vibrating badly and as you will find out below was due to the pad retaining board. The store was situated in Chester, Cheshire, a walled city notable for its local retail trade, including the large Cheshire Oaks Retail Park and Broughton Retail Park.

The store cleaning team had a responsibility to keep the floors in the store looking to a high standard and clear of any obstacles for customers. Given that the store had a number of fixtures, shelving units and other bays designed to display clothing, the staff needed a machine that could move around the store and deliver a rigorous clean. They chose the Viper Fang 20HD Battery Operated Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer. However due to the vibration problem it had been taken out of use and so urgently needed the problem resolving so the machine could be put back into service.

Viper Fang 20HD Fault Finding

Chester is only an hours drive from our base of operations in Market Drayton so we soon had an engineer on-site to take a look. The source of the unwanted vibrations wasn’t immediately obvious so time was spent locating and diagnosing the problem.  It turns out the vibrations were due to the pad retaining board which holds the cleaning pads or brush in place. It seems the board had become damaged and was now slightly warped which wasn’t noticeable until it was rotating at high speed. When our engineer questioned the staff about this, it transpired that the machine had recently been pulled up a flight of stairs and we suspect this is when the board was damaged.

Our engineers carry an extensive range of spare parts on their vehicles so our engineer was able to strip down that section of the machine and replace the pad retaining board on-site. After making the replacement of the part, our engineer tested the machine to make sure the problem had ceased – it had! The machine was back in full working order and the vibrations had stopped.

Viper Fang 20HD Pad Retaining Board

The Viper Fang 20 is a medium sized battery powered scrubber dryer. It is designed to be robust, due to its rotationally moulded housing, whilst also being manoeuvrable, due to its ergonomic design. It thus strikes that fine balance between usability and solidity. The machine comes with an extra set of squeegees on board, ensuring the user can regularly change and clean part when needed. There is also an on-board charger for the battery. The vacuum motor is two-stage, meaning the pressure applied by the vacuum can be altered for different surfaces if needed.

Viper Fang 20HD pad retaining board
Viper Fang 20HD Pad Retaining Board

The pad or brush attachment fitted to the Pad Retaining Board or Pad Driver as it is also called is powered by a 560w motor which spins at 200 rpm whilst applying 91kg of pressure to the floor surface being cleaned.

The vacuum is also powerful and controlled by a 400w motor that can extract the dirty cleaning solution from the floor and deposit it in the recovery tank leaving the surface being cleaned dry.

The solution and recover tanks can hold 61ltrs of liquid which allows the machine to achieve long continuous periods of use.  The machine weighs approximately 138kg as standard, though this can obviously vary depending on the liquid contained in the machine.


Repairing Pad Retaining Board on a Viper Fang 20HD in Cheshire

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