Replacing a Damaged Viper Fang Squeegee Bar

We recently sent an Engineer over to Liverpool to replace a damaged squeegee bar on a Viper Fang 20 HD Scrubber Dryer which had inadvertently become caught whilst pulling the machine out of a lift, the bar was now slightly bent and no longer as effective.

The office building in Liverpool was occupied by a large law firm who employ over 150 people. The scrubber dryer was used every week night to clean the canteen and corridor floors and the lift was the only practical way to move the machine between floors.

The squeegee bar which is sometimes referred to as the suction bar is the curved bar that runs at the back of the machine to collect the dirty water from the floor and extract it into the recovery tank using a vacuum. The bar uses a long rubber strip to scrape the water off the floor and needs to be straight in order to maintain a good contact with the floor.

Replacing a Damaged Squeegee Bar on a Viper Fang 20 HD

The curved squeegee blade is designed to be easily replaced by the operator so the squeegee bar itself is very straight forward to remove from the machine. It wasn’t long therefore before the old squeegee bar had been removed and replaced with a brand-new part that our Engineer had loaded onto his service vehicle earlier that day. During the replacement however our engineer had noticed that the waste hose which connects to the top of the squeegee bar and extracts water under vacuum to the recover tank had also been damaged in the same incident. Our engineers always carry spare hoses with them, so it was no trouble to source a replacement and fit a new one at the same time.

Viper Fang 20HD Squeegee Bar
Viper Fang 20HD Squeegee Bar

Once replaced it was necessary to calibrate the squeegee bar via the adjacent knobs to ensure the rubber squeegee makes good contact with the floor with an even pressure from the middle to the end. Too much pressure and the squeegee will wear out faster, too little and water will get left behind. The only way to be sure it to try the machine out, test and adjust as needed.

With the adjustments completed the machine was put back into service ready for that evenings floor cleaning.

The Viper Fang 20 HD Squeegee

With a lower productivity rate and slightly smaller chassis that other machines in the Viper Fang range, the Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Dryer is classed by Viper Cleaning as a Medium sized “Heavy Duty” model. The number 20 relates to the 51cm cleaning width of the machine, i.e. 20 inches. The width of the squeegee is 75cm’s so it does protrude from each side of the rear of the machine, however this does ensure it can more effectively capture water from the floor.

If you find the squeegee isn’t collecting the water as well as it used to then we recommend checking the squeegee blade for warping, tears and rounded edges. These blades make regular contact with the floor, so they do see a lot of wear and should be replaced if worn. Please note the blade has two straight edges so it can be removed, inverted and refitted to use the second edge before you consider replacing it. If the blade appears to be in good condition, then it’s possible the squeegee bar needs to be re-calibrated to ensure an even pressure distribution across the floor.

Damaged Viper Fang 20HD Squeegee Bar Replacement

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