Replacement Viper AS5160 Manual for Northwich Retailer

If you are looking for a Viper AS5160 manual then scroll further down this page where you will find a link; when your servicing and repairing a large variety of cleaning machines around the country you need access to numerous manuals and so we are building an on-line library.

This came in handy recently when a retail store in Northwich contacted us to report that their scrubber dryer that was not recovering dirty water during cleans and wanted an Engineer to take a look as soon as possible. We were able to route an engineer who was coming back from a call in Warrington to the store and take a look, unfortunately however he did not have the Viper AS5160 manual with him, but he was able to access it via his iPad.

Traditionally a market town, Northwich now has a population approaching 20,000 and so there is plenty of retail demand for smaller and larger retail stores who experience steady custom throughout the year.

Viper AS5160 Service Call

One of our engineers called into the store Northwich to see what he could do about this problematic machine; this job wasn’t on his original schedule for the day so hopefully it wouldn’t need any special parts to get it operational again. Should that not be the case he did have a different scrubber dryer he could leave as a replacement whilst he took their machine away for repair so at least they would be operational again. Our aim is minimal downtime for the customer to minimise impact on the business. We understand that keeping a store presentable in the face of regular customer footfall is important to our customers, especially when it comes to retail.

Our engineer was directed to the machine, which was failing to suck up the dirty water created as a result of the cleaning process. Scrubber dryers work by releasing diluted detergent from one tank in front of the scrubbing pad and then the soiled water is, in turn, recovered into a separate tank from the rear of the machine. Upon inspection, the source of the problem was easily identified, it turns out there was a blockage in the vacuum hose leading from the rear squeegee to the recovery tank which was causing a loss of suction, so the dirty water was unable to be extracted back into the recovery tank. Our engineer simply cleaned the hose, removing the mass of debris that had become lodged in the hose thereby clearing the path between the floor the and the recovery tank, so the vacuum motor could operate effectively.

Upon testing, it was clear the machine was back in full working order and ready to be used normally once again. The customer was very satisfied with the service offered by the engineer, including his advice about regular cleaning and preventative maintenance, which would ensure that further call-outs such as these would not be necessary.

Viper AS5160 Manual and Maintenance Schedule

Viper AS5160 Scrubber Dryer
Viper AS5160 Scrubber Dryer

Resolving a blockage in the vacuum hose could have been resolved by one of the machines operators however all too often we find those who were initially trained have moved on and not passed on the training they received. We highly recommend where possible hand over training is given and ideally a senior member of staff is trained so that they can then train new staff. It’s always useful to have a printed copy of the manual to hand that can be referred to during training.

You can download a user manual for the Viper AS5160 from the following link:  Viper-AS5160-AS5160T-User-Manual.pdf

Please find below a chart taken from page 18 of the Viper AS5160 manual which you can print out and place near the machine to remind operators of the regular recommended maintenance tasks.

Viper AS5160 Manual Service Schedule
Viper AS5160 Manual Service Schedule

Blocked Hose on a Viper AS5160 at a Retail Store in Northwich

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