Repairing Damaged Battery Charger at Large Retail Store in Bristol

A3 Machines recently took a call from the manager at a large multi-retail store. The manager was reporting to us that their floor cleaning machine had a damaged battery charger which needed some professional attention. The retail store was in Bristol, one of the UK’s leading industrial powerhouses.  Interestingly in an attempt to encourage consumers to shop with its local and independent business and retailers, the local government introduced a complementary currency there called the Bristol Pound (£B) which is valued against the Pound Sterling (£).

Damaged Battery Charger Replacement

The store cleaning team had a responsibility to keep the floors in the store looking to a high standard and clear of any obstacles for customers. Given that the store had a number of fixtures, shelving units and other bays designed to display clothing, the staff needed a machine that could move around the store and deliver a rigorous clean.  One of the machines they had for this purpose was a Viper Fang 20 Battery Operated Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer and being mobile it needs a separate charger to charge up the batteries. The machine had not been used during the last 12 months and although there were no obvious faults it was clear to the staff that the machine was no longer taking a charge due to a damaged battery charger which had been dropped at some point in the past.

Our engineers travel across the whole country servicing and repairing machines, so we had no issues sending someone from our base of operations in Shropshire to take a look at the machine down in Bristol.  When inspecting the machine, our engineer confirmed that there were no significant faults, other than the aforementioned damage to the battery charger. To rectify this issue, our engineer supplied them with a new charger,  testing had also indicated that a battery was under-performing and could potentially fail at some point in the future so that was also replaced.  He then gave the machine a good clean, cleansing the filter and descaling the water tank and suction rubbers. He then fully tested the machine and demonstrated to the staff that it was in full working order.

Before leaving, our engineer gave on-site training to new members of staff on the use of the machine, as a few of the staff had left during the period that the machine had been out of use. He also advised them on preventative maintenance, ensuring that the staff were well informed about proper care of the machine to avoid running into problems in the future.

Replacing a Damaged Battery Charger on a Viper Fang 20HD

Viper Fang 20 HD Scrubber Dryer

With a lower productivity rate and slightly smaller chassis the Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Drier is classed by Viper Cleaning as a Medium sized “Heavy Duty” model in the Viper Fang range. The number 20 actually relates to the 51cm cleaning width of the machine, i.e. 20 inches.

The machine runs on 24 Volts and utilises two 12 volt batteries to provide mobile power to its transaxle drive, brush and vacuum motors.  The 61 litre cleaning and solution tank combined with the heavy duty batteries and 20 inch cleaning width enables the machine to clean up to 2,000 m2 of flooring per hour.  The viper fang also benefits from a robust,  manoeuvrable, ergonomic design making it ideal for cleaning supermarkets and similarly crowded areas.

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Repairing Damaged Battery Charger at Large Retail Store in Bristol

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