Perished Vacuum Tank Seal Replaced at Manchester Retailer

An existing customer contacted us from a discount retail Store in Manchester requesting our assistance with their floor scrubber dryer which had a perished vacuum tank seal resulting in a loss of suction and dirty water being left on the floor being cleaned. The seals on Scrubber Dryers need to be maintained or air will leak into the system causing it to loose pressure and reduce the effectiveness of the vacuum system which lifts soiled cleaning solution from the floor and deposits it in the recovery tank.

As one of the UK’s most densely populated cities we often find ourselves in the area and have customers right across Greater Manchester including numerous Retailers, Car Showrooms and Restaurants.

Replacing a Vacuum Tank Seal

We sent one of our engineers along to take a look. After giving the floor cleaning machine a once over, he discovered that the rubber vacuum tank seal had basically perished with age and was not letting air into the system. Having dirty water being left on the floor following cleaning is particularly troublesome as the only solution is to follow on behind with a mop. This takes time and with the floors in the store being cleaned on a daily basis to maintain the stores high standards of cleanliness and hygiene the situation was far from ideal. The cleaning machine on this occasion was a Viper Fang 24T battery powered pedestrian scrubber dryer but this problem could happen on any machine that uses a vacuum system to extract dirty water from the floor.

After confirming the source of the problem, our engineer was able to quickly replace the perished vacuum tank seal with a new rubber from the stock carried on his service vehicle. With the necessary repair completed the machine was tested to confirm the problem had been resolved. The replacement seal worked well and vacuum was restored.

The machine hadn’t been serviced in some time so whilst he was there the customer asked for the machine to be serviced in order to head off any other potential issues. The machine was in good working order with no other obvious issues or perished seals that were likely to need attention so a full set of maintenance checks were implemented including fully descaling the waste lid, water tank, suction rubbers and greasing various parts of the machine including the rear castors which were not running as freely as they should.

The machine is now back in full working order, ready to carry out its regular duties unimpeded. The customer was very satisfied with the work that had been carried out and the speedy turnaround.

Scrubber Dryer Servicing

Prevention is better than the cure as the saying goes and keeping any machine in regular use whether its your car or a floor cleaning machine serviced is a good way to avoid unnecessary and time consuming breakdowns. A3 Machines provide a Nationwide UK ON-SITE servicing and breakdown call out service, ensuring your productivity and cleaning schedules are uninterrupted. Our manufacturer trained service staff provide onsite repairs and preventative maintenance on all types and brands of cleaning and industrial equipment. We also carry an extensive inventory of replacement parts at our facility.

That means reduced down time and faster repairs for your equipment and for piece of mind talk to us about arranging a regular planned servicing visit for all your floor cleaning equipment. We can also provide maintenance contracts from fully maintained to preventative maintenance, or we can even tailor a contract to suit your exact requirement.

Our preventive maintenance program includes:

  • Regular periodic yearly inspection of all machines
  • Operational testing and additional Training
  • Pre-planned maintenance program with environment requirements
  • Maintenance to correct deficiencies found through testing or inspections

We also provide a PAT testing service on floor cleaning machines, including floor polishers, carpet cleaners, scrubber driers and more.

Our factory-trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide a quality dependable repair service to almost any make or model of floor cleaning equipment including vacuums, automatic scrubbers, sweepers, pressure washers, and carpet cleaners.

Vacuum Tank Seal Servicing

Here at A3 Machines, we are kept very busy across the UK with a whole variety of different tasks, from repairs such as Vacuum Tank Seal replacements and servicing to training and sales demonstrations. One thing we see a lot of though, is the need to repair machines from the very popular Viper range of floor cleaning machines. Readers should bare in mind the Viper Range of machine is very popular in the UK and in the vast majority of cases, these call outs are down to extreme wear and faults that can be totally avoided and result from improper use of the machines or a lack of preventative maintenance.

Viper Fang 24T Repair at Discount Store in Manchester

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