On-site Viper AS5160 Repair for North Wales Retailer

Recently we received a service call from a retailer in North Wales about their Viper AS5160 floor cleaning machine. We were informed by the customer that their machine was leaking dirty water back onto the floor whenever they attempted to use it, which as you can imagine is far from ideal.

The store was located in Ruthin at the southern end of the Vale of Clwyd, which is an exceptionally beautiful part of Denbighshire. The town itself is split into an old and new town and is noted for rich history which dates back to pre-roman Celtic settlers. The town has a variety of monuments and structures including a castle which dates back to 1277 and attracts many tourists to the area, which of course means the local retail industry thrives too.

Fault Finding on the Viper AS5160

Our engineer hit the road and made his way North West to the to the town of Ruthin, in order to repair the floor cleaning machine and get it operational again.   The retailer relied on the Viper AS5160 to maintain the cleanliness of the floors in the shop in order to present a welcome atmosphere and keep in line with companies cleaning standards.  We find all our customers have high standards when it comes to cleaning and machines like the viper range of floor scrubbers are essential for maintaining large areas of floor space which are constantly becoming dirty from customer footfall.

Upon inspecting the machine, our engineer noticed immediately that the suction bar had been completely dismantled and on top of this, the water filter was blocked.  The filter was the likely cause of the dirty water to leaking back out of the machine, rather than making its way through to the recovery tank.   Being so familiar with these machines, it was not a problem for him to reassemble the suction bar and clear the blockage in the water filter.  Once these tasks had been completed, he then reviewed the machine and replaced the worn suction rubbers with new ones.

Once the obvious problems has been rectified he then carried out extensive testing to ensure there were no other issues that needed addressing and then followed that with a demonstration of the machine to show it was back in full working order.   Preventative maintenance is essential for maximising operational availability, so before leaving the store manager was given some instruction on regular maintenance tasks such as keeping the filters clean to prevent blockages and the need to descale parts of the machine.

Viper AS5160 Scrubber Dryer
Viper AS5160 Scrubber Dryer

Viper AS5160 Walk Behind Scrubber Drier

The Viper AS5160 is designed to deliver continuous, high-performance cleaning. Highly productive, this walk-behind scrubber drier comes with large capacity tanks and batteries to ensure cleaning for hours. It is also easy and comfortable to use, owing to its ergonomic design and is available in a Traction model that includes a drive motor to propel the machine forward.  This particular model is ideally suited for cleaning hotels, restaurants, bus and train stations, factories, supermarkets and other public areas. It features a working width of 51cm and a powerful 450W brush motor and like all Viper machines are very robust and well built.

Repairing a Viper AS5160 for a Discount Retail Store in Denbighshire

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