Repairing a Nilfisk BA 530 at Bristol Car Showroom

This week one of our engineers were sent to a car showroom in to assess a broken Nilfisk BA 530 floor scrubber dryer machine. The car showroom was located in Bristol one of the UK’s leading industrial powerhouses. Interestingly in an attempt to encourage consumers to shop with its local and independent business and retailers, the local government introduced a complementary currency there called the Bristol Pound (£B) which is valued against the Pound Sterling (£).

We were informed over the phone that the machine was suffering from a loose hose which kept “falling off”. With this in mind our engineer stocked his vehicle with Nilfisk BA 530 parts and set off to the showroom to assess the machine and make any necessary repairs.

Investigating and repairing a Nilfisk BA 530

The premises in question were a car showroom in Bristol, South West UK and as such had large areas of Porcelain tiles and some laminate flooring. As is generally the case, these showrooms see a decent amount of wear from customer footfall and car tyres, which can cause scuffing. Like the vehicles on display the floors have to look immaculate as this can detract from the customer experience who come to view the range of vehicles the company offers. To achieve this high standard the cleaning staff at the showroom make daily use of a Nilfisk BA 530 battery powered compact scrubber dryer and needed it back in action as soon as possible.

Being battery powered, the Nilfisk BA 530 eliminates the risk of people tripping over any loose cables as well as removing the associated electrical hazard. It also makes it easier for the operator to negotiate the desks, motor vehicles and other items of furniture within the building.

Whilst the Nilfisk BA 530 is a solid machine, on this occasion, the hose kept falling off as aforementioned, and the engineer had to surmise why this was the case and make any essential repairs. What was more surprising about this malfunction was that the call came only a matter of weeks after a full service had already been carried out by one of our engineers. After noting this, it was admitted by the customer that their service manager had removed the suction bar since the service had been carried out and had clearly not re-fitted it securely enough. This was therefore classed as user error. The operator was then shown how to properly refit the bar and the manager accepted that this was the cause of the fault.

After demonstrating the correct way to reattach the suction bar, our engineer carried out a full operation test to show that the machine was once again working as it should be, with no loose hose issues. The customer was left satisfied with the results of our engineer’s work.

Nilfisk BA 530 Floor Scrubber Dryer Floor Cleaning Machine
Nilfisk BA 530 Floor Scrubber Dryer Floor Cleaning Machine

Nilfisk BA 530 Compact Scrubber Dryer

The Nilfisk BA 530 Scrubber Drier is compact automatic scrubber drier leaving floors clean and dry in a single quick pass. Excellent drying on turns. The clear, pictorial display puts all controls within easy reach and simplifies operation. A curved squeegee eliminates the need for spot-mopping. BA 530 is ideal for cleaning up to 1500 m2 of hard flooring in e.g. supermarkets, schools and warehouses. It features an ergonomic handle which reduces operator fatigue, a simple on/off click for the brush and an on/off symmetric brush system for cleaning edges left and right.

Nilfisk BA 530 Loose Rose Repair in Bristol

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