Leaking Viper Fang 20HD Repaired at Discount Retailer in Portsmouth

A call came in from a discount retailer regarding one of their Viper Fang 20HD cleaning machines which was leaking due to accidental damage sustained during its operation. The retail store was located in Portsmouth, Hampshire which is a significant town in the United Kingdom since the age of the Roman Empire and has a rich naval and maritime history. You might think this was a long distance to travel for a Shropshire based firm but we service machines all over the country and were happy to let the customer know that an engineer would be sent to repair the machine.

Assessing Viper Fang 20HD for Damage

As a large store in the town, it had a vast amount of floor space which, as a result of regular customer foot fall and trolley traffic, needs consistent cleaning to meet store and standards on hygiene. Thus, it was very important for the engineer to assess the machine and remedy the issue quickly so the machine could be returned to service. The customer had reported that whilst being used by another member of cleaning staff, the machine, a Viper 20HD battery powered scrubber dryer, had bumped into a kerb quite badly and since then, had been leaking during usage. The machine was stripped down and upon closer inspection it was discovered that the front filter had been damaged during the incident.  As all of our engineers carry a comprehensive stock of parts on their vans, he was able to replace the damaged filter with a new one. After replacing the damaged filter, a full inspection was carried out and the machine was once again working without any leakage.

Viper Fang 20HD Walk Behind, Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer

Viper Fang 20HD Walk Behind
Scrubber Dryer

Viper 20 Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer

Due to its ergonomic design, the Viper 20 battery powered scrubber dryer is easy to use, allowing for not only manoeuvrability but also ease of vision when it comes to seeing the areas around the machine. It measures 135.9 x 55.9 x 97.8 cm and features a pad/brush assist system to make it even easier for the standard user to operate. Due to its heavy duty aluminium squeegee assembly, it is still a very robust machine all contained within rotationally moulded housing. All of this combined makes it ideal for retail and other medium sized tiled floor spaces, where ease of use is as important as depth of cleaning power.

The customer was satisfied with the results and the machine is once again running at its peak. Aside from repairing the machine, the engineer offered in depth advice about the future maintenance of the machine, demonstrating the most effective way to descale the water tanks and highlighting the importance of regularly greasing the bolts.

Our policy is to always provide customers advice on preventative maintenance and proper care of the machines when visiting on site.

Machine Repair at Discount Retailer in Portsmouth

To contact the A3 Machines service team for Viper Parts or to find out more about servicing and repairing Viper Fang 20HD Machines or similar models please visit: http://www.a3machines.co.uk/machine-servicing

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