Leaking Taski Swingo Repaired at Market Drayton Care Home

A3 Machines cover the whole of the UK and our engineers certainly get out and about all over the place, often hitting the road when many people are still fast asleep in their beds and on holiday over the Christmas period. You can imagine the delight of one of our engineers when we received a call from a private care home in Market Drayton, Shropshire just four miles from our premises. Market Drayton is a very old town that got its name from the fact that King Henry III decreed that a charter be granted for a weekly Wednesday market in the town in 1245AD; that market continues to this day.

Finding Faults on a Leaking Taski Swingo Floor Cleaning Machine

An engineer was sent to the care home in Market Drayton, Shropshire, to inspect their floor cleaning machine and isolate the source of the problem. As a large private care home, the floors see a lot of use, from the residents and staff to visitors. Naturally, when dealing with people afflicted with various illnesses, spillage and staining is quite common. As such, not just for presentation purposes, but also to meet hygiene standards, keeping on top of cleaning the floors is absolutely essential. The customer reported that their cleaning machine, a Taski Swingo 1250B walk behind scrubber dryer, used to clean the kitchen and dining room areas, was leaking water with each use.

Upon inspection, it was revealed that the source of the problem was a faulty valve, which was allowing water to escape from one of the tanks. This was causing leakage every time the machine was powered on, and this water could not be retrieved by the suction system. All the engineer needed to do was replace the valve with a new one, which would stop water from escaping thus alleviating the issue. After replacing the valve, our engineer tested the machine and it was in full working order once again.

Leaking Taski Swingo 1250 Repaired in Market Drayton
Taski Swingo 1250

Taski Swingo 1250B Battery powered Scrubber Dryer

The Taski Swingo 1250B is a battery powered large-walk behind scrubber dryer. Its 23 gallon (85 l) tank and the highly efficient IntelliFlow™ reduce water consumption significantly. Clean up to 27,000 ft2 (2,500m2) without time-consuming tank filling stops. Reduced energy consumption and high capacity batteries allow a run time of more than four hours before recharging. With excellent ergonomics and simple, intuitive controls, the machine reduces operator fatigue and minimizes training.

The customer was glad to see the machine running correctly again and whilst on site our engineer offered in depth advice about the future maintenance of the machine, demonstrating the most effective way to descale the water tanks and highlighting which parts should be greased on a regular basis. Advice on preventative maintenance and proper care of the machines is something that is always offered to customers.

Leaking Floor Cleaning Machine Repaired at Shropshire Care Home

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