Leaking Nilfisk BA 530 Scrubber Dryer Repair Warrington

A request came in for one of our engineers to visit an office equipment supplier based in Warrington, Cheshire whose cleaning operative had accidentally broken their Nilfisk BA 530 Scrubber Dryer.

With a history that dates back to the Romans, Warrington grew rapidly during the industrial revolution and was known for being a centre for the manufacture of chemicals, textiles and steel. It also very well connected being on the main west coast railway line and close to major motorways such as the M6. In fact our client is only a 60 mile drive from our base in Market Drayton and our engineer was able to visit the supply company promptly to see what could be done about their issue.

Assessing the Nilfisk BA 530

Our engineer made the journey to an office supply company in Warrington, Cheshire. The company needed assistance with their floor cleaning machine, which had been damaged when an operative had got the machine stuck between some shelving and had aggressively pulled at it to try and pry the machine free. This resulted in the water hose splitting open. Obviously, without this part being intact, the floor cleaning machine would leak when used. The machine was a Nilfisk BA530, and seeing as our engineer already had Nilfisk BA 530 parts on his vehicle, the repair was easy enough to make. All that needed to be done was a routine replacement of the water hose and sure enough, once our engineer had done this, the machine was in full working order again.

After this, the engineer then performed a series of tests and completed a number of maintenance tasks on the machine to ensure that it was working a peak performance before he signed off on the repair.

Nilfisk BA 530 Floor Scrubber Dryer Floor Cleaning Machine
Nilfisk BA 530 Scrubber Dryer

Nilfisk BA530 Scrubber Dryer

Now replaced by the Nilfisk BA 551, the Nilfisk BA 530 is a compact battery-operated scrubber dryer which is reliable and easy to manoeuvre. Due to its compact size (1070 x 1340 x 530 mm) and automatic battery operation, it leaves floors clean and dry in a single quick pass. It has excellent drying on turns and the clear, pictorial display puts all controls within reach and makes it easy for the novice and the experienced operator alike. It features a curved squeegee, which eliminates the need for spot mopping. The BA530 is ideally suited for cleaning up to 1500m2 of hard flooring, making it appropriate for usage in supermarkets, schools and warehouses. Its ergonomic handle reduces operator fatigue and its brush is operated by a simple click on/off system. Its symmetric brush on/off system allows for cleaning to left and right and up to any edges on the premises.

After making the repair and tweaks, the customer was very satisfied with the results and assured our engineer that more care would be taken in the future to ensure the machine does not get stuck, but if it does, that it would be freed carefully, mitigating any potential for damage. All-in-all, our engineer left with a happy customer and a job well done.

Nilfisk BA 530 Scrubber Dryer Repair at Office Supplier in Warrington

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