Karcher BR40/25 Replacement at Blackburn School

The new head of cleaning services at a school in Blackburn, Lancashire recently made contact with us about repairing a Karcher BR40/25 after finding us via the Google Search Engine. She wanted to know if we carried out repairs and services on machines that hadn’t been purchased from ourselves. We confirmed that indeed we did. She then went on to inform us that she had recently took on the role of head of cleaning and whilst going through all the equipment, had found the Karcher BR40/25 walk behind scrubber dryer which was in a sorry state.

Servicing a Karcher BR40/25

One of our engineers set off North to Blackburn out to take a look at the machine and see if it could be brought back into service. Together with the head of cleaning, they were able to establish that the machine was around six years old. He checked over the machine and it was agreed that it was beyond economical repair. This simply means that it would cost more to repair the machine and replace worn parts than it would to purchase a new one.

As the new head of cleaning had experience of these machines and was familiar with their capabilities she asked us if we could supply the school with a new machine if she could get the head teacher to agree. As we are aware schools are on a tight budget, so we suggested that she approach the head with the suggestion of an ex demonstration machine. We were able to offer a competitive price and the head teacher gave the go ahead for us to supply the cleaning staff with a replacement.

Karcher BR40-25 Scrubber Dryer
Karcher BR40/25 Scrubber Dryer

Karcher BR40/25 Scrubber Dryer

The Karcher BR40/25 is a battery-operated floor scrubber drier ideally suited for cleaning and polishing of surfaces up to 800m². Its compact size means it can be steered through packed areas efficiently and it features performance of up to 1600m²/h. It is easy to maintain and features a single knob operation, making it suitable for the novice. It is exceptionally short, owing to its small size (800 x 575 x 830mm) and extremely small turning cycle. It features a working scrubbing width of 400mm and is very quiet, with a sound pressure level of 70dB. It houses a 25-litre tank both for fresh water and recovery of dirty water and is simple to clean. The straight squeegee is equipped with double sided rubber blades.

Overall, the BR40/25 is a compact and easy to operate, mains powered scrubber drier. Ideally suited for the corridors and glossy flooring found in schools and offering a battery life long enough to complete cleaning jobs in large areas in as few passes as possible. We of course offered the school some equipment with their machine, including a roller brush and straight squeegee.

For more information have a read of our Karcher BR40/25 review article.

Karcher BR40/25 Repair at School in Blackburn

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