Karcher B40C Repair at a Large Retail Store in Stoke-on-Trent

A call came in from the operations manager of a large retail store in Stoke-on-Trent who reported that their Karcher B40C floor cleaning machine had developed a fault in that it was not releasing water properly. Stoke-on-Trent is well known for being the home of the pottery industry in England with famous marques such as the Wedgewood factory being based there.

Assessing the Karcher B40C

Our engineer made the short journey to the retail store in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire to inspect the faulty machine. The manager of the store had reported that their floor cleaning machine was not feeding water through from the tank to the floor when they were using it to clean. As such, the machine could not clean at all, as no water and solution were coming into contact with dirt on the floor. It is important for retail stores of such a size to keep their floors clean, to meet hygiene standards and to give customers a good impression upon entering the store. Plus, shopping trolleys and foot traffic result in the flooring becoming scuffed and unsightly. All of which needs to be kept on top of.

The Karcher B40C is a battery-powered walk-behind scrubber dryer that contains two forty litre water tanks to hold the cleaning solution to be delivered to the floor and to hold the dirty water that is picked up off the floor. When our engineer inspected the machine, he found that the problem was due blockages which prevented clean water and cleaning solution being released from the machine to the floor. On top of this there was another blockage in the suction bar on the waste water tank resulting in dirty water running back onto the floor. These blockages are caused by a build up of dirt and debris in the filters and the problem can be easily avoided by routinely cleaning the filters as part of preventative maintenance measures. Our engineer removed these blockages and demonstrated how exactly it could be done by the staff, stressing the importance of preventative maintenance.

Karcher B40C Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer
Karcher B40C Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Karcher B40C Battery-Powered Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

The B40C Battery-Powered Walk-Behind scrubber dryer is an easy, safe and convenient machine, manoeuvrable and ergonomically designed. The new KIKTM system offers reliable protection against incorrect operation, making it ideal for the new user. It has four basic squeegees and three different variations of battery to choose from. The B40C can also be augmented with optional add-ons, such as the Home Base “Mop” or “Box” kits, allowing for extra space to transport additional utensils. The “Auto-Fill” system fills the fresh water tank and rises it automatically, meaning less work for the operator. It measures at 1209 x 498 x 1145 mm and weighs 60kg. All of these features make the machine a durable and ergonomic option for medium to large cleaning tasks.

Karcher B40C Scrubber Dryer Repaired at Large Staffordshire Retail Store

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