Karcher B40C Repair at Wellingborough Manufacturing Plant

We were contacted by a manufacturer of residential homes located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire who needed a Karcher B40C repair, the machine was used in the routine floor cleaning within the building and was leaking water. We have a lot of customers based in Northamptonshire which is well known as a base for manufacturing and service businesses having been largely after the heavy bombing it experienced during World War II.

In fact Northamptonshire is a county with a long history of manufacturing including shoe making and is now home to famous brands such as Weetabix, Avon cosmetics and Barclaycard as well as our customer who is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke residential park homes and holiday lodges. Previously known as mobile homes, park homes are modular houses, or bungalows, that are fully designed to suit the lifestyle and needs of semi-retired and retired people, with a portfolio range to suit all tastes and budgets. They also offer a full range of holiday lodges designed and built for all year-round occupancy which makes them an ideal investment for personal use or buy to let.

Karcher B40C Repair Assessment

An engineer was organised to visit the site in Wellingborough which is located around 11 miles from Northampton itself and assess the machine which was a Karcher B40C Walk behind scrubber dryer. Having been signed in at the reception desk, our engineer was taken over to their maintenance department where he proceeded to fully inspect the machine, although we were informed that the machine was leaking water, we were not advised as to where exactly the water was coming from and therefore which parts to take for replacement.

Our engineer was able to surmise that the machine had not been looked after very well and had become damaged at some point resulting in the leak. The Karcher scrubber dryer is a robust machine but industrial machines like this have a lot of moving parts and do see a lot of wear and so do benefit from regular servicing to keep them operational.

Having worked on Karcher B40C repair before our Engineer had a reasonable idea about the potential source of the leak and was therefore able to ensure the service vehicle had all the right parts on board before making the trip. So after stripping down the machine and making a thorough assessment, our engineer located the leakage as coming from the water filter, which was the damaged part and was able to replace it.

Even though the damage to the filter was accidental, full preventative maintenance advice was provided to the customer, as is standard when engineers make repairs to machines, whether they be hired, leased or purchased.

Karcher B40C Repair
Karcher B40C Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

Karcher B40C Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

The Karcher B40C battery-powered walk-behind scrubber dryer can be optionally equipped with roller brush head with parallel roller brushes and sweeping function or with disc brush head. It is ideal for easy, safe and convenient handling, also without traction drive. The new KIK system offers reliable protection against incorrect operation. There are four different squeegees and three different battery versions to choose from. This scrubber drier can also be fitted with a number of other useful optional features. For example with the Home Base “Mop” or “Box” kits for better transport of additional utensils. Or with “Auto Fill-in” for simple filling of the fresh water tank and tank rinsing system for simplified rinsing out of the dirty water tank. Innovative Kärcher accessories, e. g. brushes with various degrees of hardness, different squeegee blades, pad driver plates/roller pad shaft and pads make this scrubber drier ideal for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Karcher B40C Repaired at Mobile Home Manufacturer in Northamptonshire

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