Karcher B40C Repair at Large Carlisle Retail Store

A3 Machines cover the whole of the UK and this week one of our engineers attended a call out in Carlisle, Cumbria at a large retail store to attend to a Karcher B40C repair. The cleaning staff there had reported to us that their Karcher scrubber dryer was failing to deliver cleaning fluids to the floor which as you can imaging was an essential function for the machine. Carlisle is a large town 10-miles south of the Scottish border and serves the locals and commuters alike with a wide variety of shops and stores.

Karcher B40C Repair Fault Finding

We sent one of our engineers on the road north to the customers in a retail store in Carlisle. They could not make proper use of their floor cleaning machine and given then size of the stone it was imperative that the machine be up and running again as quickly as possible.  The machine was an essential weapon in their never ending battle to keep the floors of the store clean and present a good standard of cleanliness for the customer.   For this task the store used a Karcher B40C battery-powered walk-behind scrubber dryer.

When he arrived at the store, our engineer carried out his usual set of routine diagnostic inspections. At first, he found that the filter needed to be descaled and suspecting this may be related he went about doing this for the customer, before noticing that there was a large clump of debris causing a blockage in one of the pipes. He removed the blockage and gave the pipe a thorough clean, as well as the rest of the mechanisms involved in releasing and taking up water and this resolved the problem.  It’s worth noting that both of these issues could have been avoided if the preventative maintenance measures prescribed for the machine were followed.

After carrying out all of these instances of maintenance, our engineer began testing the machine. He found it all to be working well again, in full working order and ready to carry out its daily floor cleaning duties. The customer was extremely satisfied with the work carried out, and as is usual in cases such as these, our engineer gave the staff advice on cleaning the machine and keeping on top of preventative maintenance.

Karcher B40C Repair
Karcher B40C Scrubber Dryer

Karcher B40C Battery-Powered Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

The B40C Battery-Powered Walk-Behind scrubber dryer is an easy, safe and convenient machine, manoeuvrable and ergonomically designed. The new KIKTM system offers reliable protection against incorrect operation, making it ideal for the new user. It has four basic squeegees and three different variations of battery to choose from. The B40C can also be augmented with optional add-ons, such as the Home Base “Mop” or “Box” kits, allowing for extra space to transport additional utensils. The “Auto-Fill” system fills the fresh water tank and rises it automatically, meaning less work for the operator. It measures at 1209 x 498 x 1145 mm and weighs 60kg. All of these features make the machine a durable and ergonomic option for medium to large cleaning tasks.

Blocked Karcher B40C Repair at Large Retail Store in Carlisle

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