Karcher B 40 Scubber Dryer Repair at Nuneaton Car Dealership

On this occasion our service team took a call from a customer at a car dealership who reported an issue with their Karcher B 40 scrubber dryer.  There was an issue with the roller brushes on the machine, which kept “falling out”; it was clearly a mechanical failure that would need a visit from one of our engineers to resolve.

The car dealership was situated in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, not too far away from our base of operations in Shropshire and easily reached via the new M6 Toll road. Due to its proximity to Birmingham and Coventry, Nuneaton is largely a commuter town and as such is an ideal location for retail outlets and car dealerships.

Repairing a Karcher B 40 Scubber Dryer

Stocked with spare Karcher B40 parts our engineer was dispatched to the car dealership in Nuneaton to assess the customer’s floor cleaning machine to resolve the problem which resulted in the motorised roller brushes becoming loose.

The car dealership had large areas of tiled floor space which needed to be kept looking pristine at all times in order to show off their new vehicles in their best light. This is complicated by customer footfall which can trail in dirt and leave scuff marks on the floor, not to mention the odd tire mark from the show cars. Fortunately their chosen floor scrubber dryer, the Karcher B 40 which was battery-powered made the job much easier and was in use daily.

Our engineer began his inspections in order to isolate the reason why the brushes kept detaching from the floor cleaning machine. He first checked the deck on the machine but could not find any issues there. He then checked the roller carriers themselves and found that the springs which hold the carrier in place had become compressed. He removed the springs and re-tensioned them, before replacing them back in their proper location.

After re-fitting the newly tensioned springs and testing the machine, everything appeared to be back in working order. The customer was very happy with the service and the engineer signed off on the job having done what was necessary to get the floor cleaner back at peak performance again.

Karcher B 40 Scrubber Drier

Coming from the Karcher Professional series of cleaning machines the Karcher B 40 range of Scubber Dryers are impressive and well thought out with many innovative features. With a width of around 50cm the slim design makes them an ideal choice for cleaning smaller supermarkets and retail areas. They are also available with a range of different equipment and features such as battery options, a cable powered version and with or without a traction motor.

Karcher B 40 Brush Repair at Warwickshire Car Dealership

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