ISAL PB106 Ride on Sweeper Repair at Shrewsbury Sports Club

Last week we received a call from a sports club in Shrewsbury about their ISAL PB106 Ride on Sweeper which had developed a fault. Normally our engineers hit the road in the early hours to get to jobs around the country at a decent time so one of them was treated to a lie that day as the sports club is only 15 minutes drive away from our headquarters.

The club has a variety of facilities available however in this case the machine was in use primarily to keep their Tennis courts clean and with regular use and a very active events program they soon accumulate dirt and debris. The customer had mentioned that the ISAL PB106 had stopped sucking up any debris and so was now out of action.

Assessing the Machine

Our engineer made the short journey to the club to take a look at the machine and discuss the problem with the facilities manger. Upon inspection, our engineer had noticed that the motor that controls the vacuum/central brush was not working. To understand the problem further he then made a number of diagnostic tests to see what was causing the issue. First, he checked to see if there was actually any current going to the motor. The machine passed this test so; he then turned the motor via the fly wheel and noticed that the carbon brushes were letting off sparks. This was likely the issue however we don’t keep stocks of that part so it would be necessary to order a replacement. To ensure he ordered the right size one of the carbon brushes was removed and measured to ensure he ordered the right size.

Our engineer made a return visit as soon as the new brushes arrived to replace the sparking ones on the machine. After doing this, he then fully tested the sweeper and concluded it was back in full working order.

ISAL PB106 Repair and Service
ISAL PB106 Ride on Sweeper

ISAL PB106 Ride on Sweeper

Part of the Karcher group, ISAL is an Italian manufacturer who specialise in heavy-duty industrial and municipal sweepers. They make a full range of machines from small walk behind machines right up to large diesel road sweepers. The ISAL PB106 features a “direct throw” sweeping system which allows for longer brush life, longer filter life, longer run time and creates less dust when in operation. It also has an automatic brush height adjustment whilst the side brushes are lifted or lowered via levers.

It is a robust machine, housed in a durable steel plate body. It features mechanical transmission on the rear wheels with an electronically controlled differential gear. It houses a cellulose dust panel filter with an electronic filter shaker and the filter is horizontal for optimum dust control. It is also constructed with easy access panels making maintenance jobs easy and straightforward. All-in-all, the ISAL PB106 is highly manoeuvrable, equally suitable for both confined spaces and larger open areas and in this case ideal for keeping Tennis Courts clean.

ISAL PB106 Repair at Sports Club in Shrewsbury

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