Intermittent Scrubber Dryer Water Pump Failure

Our office received a call from the manager of a large retail store to report that the water pump on their scrubber dryer kept cutting out. The retail store was in a Stockton-on-Tees retail park and with a healthy retail demand from the nearby towns needed their floor cleaning machine fully operational.

Diagnosing the Water Pump Failure

We sent one of our engineers to the retail store in Stockton-on-Tees to take a look at the problem and get the machine working at full capacity. As a popular store in the area it received high customer footfall resulting in the floors becoming soiled from shoe and trolley traffic. To maintain the store’s standards and to ensure the floors remained clean and inviting to customers, the store used a Viper Fang 24T battery operated pedestrian scrubber drier. Without the water pump working reliably the soiled cleaning solution from the floor would be left on the floor and not deposited into the recovery tank as it should.

Upon arrival, our engineer carried out his routine diagnostic inspections, starting by checking the vacuum. He found this to be working correctly. He then moved on to check the breaker terminals, which he found to be clogged, which, in turn, was causing the ball valve to stick. The suction rubbers were also badly worn.

Our engineer cleaned and greased all the parts and fitted new suction rubbers to replace the ones that had become worn. He then went on to clean the filter as part of the process. After all of these tasks had been performed, our engineer fully tested the machine and found it to be working at its proper standard. Before leaving, he gave full advice on preventative maintenance to ensure problems like this do not arise again.

Viper Cleaning - Water Pump Repair

Viper Fang Scrubber Dryers

The Viper Fang range of scrubber dryers  are very popular and A3 Machines alone service and repair over 800 machines in the UK.

Their popularity is no doubt down to the machine’s manoeuvrability, high capacity battery and large solution and recovery tanks making it ideal for cleaning large floor areas such as retail spaces and factory floors.

We have found Viper machines to be very robust and reliable however like any machine in regular use they can experience problems and a regular service contract is advised. We also recommend operator training as we often find many issues are down to user error, misuse and a general lack of preventative maintenance.

Viper Fang 24T Water Pump Repair

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