Happy New Year from A3 Machines

Happy New Year from A3 Machines

Thanks to you 2018 was a very busy year for A3 Machines and especially our Sales and Servicing team who crossed the country daily ensuring our customers had exactly the right equipment, knew how to use it and that is was always ready to go when needed.

We especially appreciated the feedback our customers left in 2018, including the following selection:

  • Issues with charge, fixed above standard, engineer also highlighted further issues and fixed for us – Great service
  • Great service, explained a lot and gave some great tips
  • Machine repaired and extra bits sorted, too great
  • Great training, very engaging and knowledgeable
  • Very helpful went above expectation
  • Spot on timely and informed
  • Very helpful and professional

2019 promises to be an even better year and we look forward to maintaining our excellent reputation in the supply and service of floor cleaning machines.

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