Hako Scrubmaster B30 Repair for Durham Classic Car Showroom

A Classic Car Sales garage in County Durham called our office regarding a problem with their Hako Scrubmaster B30 Scrubber Dryer. They had discovered that the machine was not releasing water and overall not cleaning their floors as well as it should.

Car Showroom Floor Cleaning with a Hako Scrubmaster B30

Occasionally we all like to treat ourselves to a new motor. Most of us like modern vehicles with heated seats and Bluetooth connectivity, whereas others adore their classic cars. Some can be very rare and expensive, so it is imperative to keep them in tip top condition, just as if they had come out of the factory. Bearing this in mind, you also need to keep the area around them spick and span too!

Our customer in County Durham understood the need to present their prestigious classic vehicles in the best light and as a result relied on a Hako Scrubmaster B30 scrubber dryer to keep the floors presentable. A gleaming floor reflects the light onto the car giving the effect of wet paint and enhancing the gloss look. Without their machine in full working order the floors can get dirty very quickly and so we were asked to visit the showroom and get the machine fully operational.

Repairing a Hako Scrubmaster B30

Our engineers are trained by the manufacturer and have years of experience maintaining floor cleaning equipment so after reviewing the symptoms a service vehicle loaded with Hako parts and one of our engineers dispatched to the garage the next day.

On arrival our engineer inspected the machine and ran it through some operational tests. It wasn’t long before the source of the trouble came to light, it turns out the machine had a blocked filter, due to incorrect cleaning fluid being used. To resolve the filter was cleaned and then the system flushed out to make sure there were no other blockages. As with every repair, he then gave the machine a service to ensure the machine was working efficiency. Cleaning machines get a lot of use which results in wear and the last thing we or the customer wants is to be called back a short while later to repair another problem. It makes sense therefore to service the machine and replace any worn parts that will cause problems later whilst we are on site.

With the machine in tip-top condition it was handed back to the cleaning team including advice on which cleaning fluid to use going forward.

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Hako Scrubmaster B30 Scrubber Dryer

The Hako Scrubmaster B30 is a pedestrian scrubber dryer ideal for use in small to medium spaces. It features a compact construction and is fitted with an on-board charger and easily accessible charging cable. The brush release system is electrical, and the squeegees and rubbers can be changed without the need for any tools. Simple, robust and easy to work with, the Hako Scrubmaster B30 offers excellent cleaning with ease-of-use.


Working Width:43cm
Squeegee width:76cm
Theoretical area coverage:1700 m2
Drive:24v battery wheel drive
Battery capacity80 Ah
Working speed: 4 km/hr
Volumes: clean/dirty water tank30/30 litres
Operating time (max):110 mins
Width without/with squeegee50/76 cm
Length with squeegee127 cm
Height above handle bar110 cm
Noise at ear of operator64 dB
Hako Scrubmaster B30
Hako Scrubmaster B30

Hako Scrubmaster Cleaning Machine Repair and Service in County Durham

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