Hako Scrubmaster B30 Repair for Banbury Courier

The A3 Machines service team recently took a call from a cleaning company who was contracted to clean the floors of a courier firm and needed assistance repairing a Hako Scrubmaster B30 floor scrubber they had purchased to do the work.   There is a healthy market in 2nd hand cleaning machines, especially on eBay so should you find yourself in this position please do get in touch, in this case the problem they reported was that the brushes on the machine did not seem to be receiving any water.

The courier site was situated in Banbury on the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire.  In terms of the local economy, Banbury has a mixture of industries, but it fares particularly well in the food industry and we already support a number of companies in the local area.

Repairing the Hako Scrubmaster B30

Our engineer made the journey to Banbury, Oxfordshire, to carry out an inspection and make repairs, if possible, to their floor cleaning machine at a firm of couriers. The flooring in the site itself needed to be kept free of debris and dirt due to the safety of the staff, who needed to be constantly on the move and transporting parcels from one area to another.  The Hako Scrubmaster B30 walk-behind scrubber dryer was the perfect machine to match the environment.  Without cleaning solution being delivered from the tank to the floor brushes however the floor would remain dirty.

He began by inspecting the flow of water within the machine, but our engineer found this to be fine. This indicated that the fault could be “intermittent” and that it may rectify itself.  The filter was also checked and was also found to be clear of blockages and fully operational. Our engineer then stripped the solenoid valve and cleaned it and also inspected the tank for any floating debris before testing the coil. Every check our engineer carried out turned up no issues – the machine appeared to be completely fine in every respect.

Our engineer concluded that the fault was likely a one-off, as there was no evidence of anything wrong with the machine on the day. He tested it fully and it seemed to be in full working order. He subsequently signed off on the job having had to make no repairs, though he did advise the customer that should the fault re-occur, they were more than welcome to give us another call and we would return to see what exactly is going on.

Hako Scrubmaster B30 Walk-behind Scrubber Drier

The Hako Scrubmaster B30 is a pedestrian scrubber drier ideal for use in small to medium spaces. It features a compact construction and is fitted with an onboard charger and easily accessible charging cable. The brush release system is electrical and the squeegees and rubbers can be changed without the need for any tools. Simple, robust and easy to work with, the Hako Scrubmaster B30 offers excellent cleaning with ease-of-use.

Hako Scrubmaster B30 Repair at Courier Service in Banbury

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