Fimap MR60B Repair at Sony Warehouse in Enfield

A3 Machines recently took a call from Sony DADC in Enfield who were looking for a company to make a Fimap MR60B Repair, it seems the scrubber dryer was not dispensing detergent onto the floor during operation making it ineffective.

Warehouse Floor Cleaning at Sony DADC

Sony DADC are a leading provider of physical distribution solutions to the entertainment industry which includes manufacturing and distribution of digital media. Part of this global solution includes the operation of an impressive distribution warehouse in Enfield.

The warehouse is very busy and with such a large floor area to keep clean they operate a battery powered ride-on Fimap MR60B scrubber dryer to keep on top of debris and other soiling that would build up over the course of the daily running of the facility. Interesting Fimap categorise this machine as a small scrubber dryer for the cleaning of large commercial or industrial areas up to 6,500 square meters where as their medium sized Fimap MG85B can cover up to 10,000 square meters.

SONY DADC Warehouse, photo courtesy of SONY DADC
SONY DADC Warehouse – photo courtesy of SONY DADC

We sent one of our engineers down to the warehouse in Enfield to diagnose the problem and make the Fimap MR60B Repair. Being in North London and close to the M25 and other major motorways it’s not surprising they chose this location to base their warehouse.

Fimap MR60B Repair

On inspection our engineer found that the tap/flow lever bolt had become loose and was now missing, without the bolt in place the lever the water cut off value was disconnected and therefore the cleaning detergent was not being distributed to the floor. Our engineer replaced the bolt and secured it with lock tight adhesive to ensure it wouldn’t come loose again. This cured the problem straight away.

Fimap MR60B Repair - Detergent Regulator Tap
Fimap MR Detergent Flow Regulator Tap

You can see a picture of the detergent lever in this picture copied from page 18 of the Fimap User and Maintenance Manual, there’s a link to the manual below. The lever is used to control the flow of detergent onto the floor and is pushed downwards to increase the flow, upwards to decrease the flow. Operators need to gauge the correct amount of detergent to apply to the floor depending on the degree of dirt and the speed of the machine.

Whilst on site he was asked if he could give the machine a service which he was able to do for them and then finished with a full operational test to ensure the machine was working at full capacity. The customer was very happy with our service and were left with a fully functional machine.

Warehouse Floor Cleaning with a Fimap MR60B

For a copy of the Fimap MR60B User and Maintenance Manual please visit:  Fimap_mr-60-65-75-85-100-b-Use-Maintenance-Manual.pdf

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