Faulty Cleanfix RA 431 Scrubber Dryer Repair at Shropshire Secondary School

A Shropshire secondary school called us in recently to repair a Cleanfix RA 431 Scrubber Dryer which had developed a fault. We quickly booked one of our cleaning machine engineers to attend the school the next day and make a repair. Scrubber dryers are ideal for cleaning school flooring, they are effective and always provide a much more intensive and quicker clean than a janitor’s mop and bucket.

Assessing a Faulty Cleanfix RA 431 Scrubber Dryer

Our engineer made the journey to the relatively short journey to the school in Shropshire to inspect the machine; I say relatively short as our engineers cover the whole country and so it makes a nice change to stay within our home county.

After running some tests on the scrubber dryer, it was clear there were some serious problems with the machine including the machine’s brush which had stopped spinning. He decided that the machine would benefit from a full strip down and test to get to the bottom of the faults. As a result, our engineer felt it would be best if he took the machine back to the workshop for further assessment and repair.

Cleanfix RA 431 Scrubber Dryer UK Service and Repair
Cleanfix RA 431 Scrubber Dryer UK Service and Repair

Repairing a Faulty Cleanfix RA 431 Scrubber Dryer

Back at the workshop the Cleanfix RA 431 was stripped down and put under test. It became clear that the machine had a burnt-out vacuum motor and a perished drive belt. Drive belts do stretch overtime, so part of our annual maintenance check involves checking and adjusting the tension and naturally replacing if over worn. It was clear that this machine had not been maintained very well which to be honest is not unusual in the cleaning industry.

Like any machine with moving parts in constant use it pays to have it professionally serviced on an annual basis otherwise wear and tear will result in a serious problem at some point. Fortunately, we do keep parts for the Cleanfix range of cleaning machines and so we were able to replace the vacuum motor and drive belt. The machine was then given a service, cleaned and then tested (including PAT test) to ensure it was operating perfectly.

Happy the machine was now in fully operational order it was returned to the school the very next day. If your based in the UK and have a Cleanfix machine, then you should be aware that A3 machines service and repair Cleanfix and most other manufacturers cleaning machines. For more information please call us on 01630 661 596 or email info@a3machines.co.uk

Cleanfix RA 431 Scrubber Dryer

Swiss made, the Cleanfix RA 431 is a very tough scrubbing machine designed for middle-sized floor space and therefore ideal for school classrooms and corridors. The machine uses high pressure to deliver optimum cleaning results and features large wheels that allows it to manoeuvre easily around obstacles. The machine is very easy to operate, vibration free and the built-in drive pulls the machine making it effortless to use.

Specifications Include:

Power supply – 24 V DC
Power brush motor 750 W
Power suction motor 400 W
Vacuum 110 mbar
Fresh water capacity 32 Litre
Dirty water capacity 38 Litre
Suction width 76 cm
Working width 43 cm
Productivity rate theoretical 1750 m²/h
Brush pressure 54 kg
Brush speed 180 1/min
Weight 122 kg
Curb weight (without battery) 64 kg
Measurements l/w/h 85/43/80 cm
Battery capacity 70 Ah

Cleanfix Scrubber Dryer Repair and Service in Shropshire

To contact the A3 Machines service team for help or to find out more about servicing and repairing Cleanfix Cleaning Machines or similar please visit: http://www.a3machines.co.uk/machine-servicing

If you would like to read more articles from the A3 Machines engineers, please visit: http://repair.a3machines.info

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