Exhausted Scrubber Dryer Pads at Ipswich Grocery Store

Knowing when to change your scrubber dryer pads is vital if you want to make sure you get the best value out of the pads whilst ensuring the floor is cleaned effectively. Recently a customer at an independent grocery store in Suffolk called us to request a call out to investigate what sounded like a “Clunking Noise” coming from their scrubber dryer. The store was located in Ipswich, a large town that dates back to the Romans with significant urban development and much demand for both national and independent retailers alike.

Diagnosing the Problem

After being contacted by the customer a call was routed into one of our Engineers schedules to see exactly what was causing the noise that the staff were experiencing when operating the floor cleaning machine. Being a Grocery Store, it was important to maintain a clean environment and keep the premises inviting for customers so having the machine in good working order was important to the business. The store owned a Viper Fang 24 scrubber drier for this purpose which is an effective floor cleaning machine that would make light work of cleaning the floors.

The customer had reported to our staff in the office that the machine was making a “clunking” sound when being used. Also, and perhaps odder still, was the fact that when the machine was being passed over the floor, it was not cleaning – in other words, the floors were not getting any cleaner. These strange issues piqued our engineer’s curiosity, and he was eager to find out what could be wrong.

Unfortunately, the reality was a touch more mundane, as it immediately appeared that the problem was with the scrubbing pad, which had been totally overused, to the point where it was worn down beyond use and should off been changed. Our engineer fitted a new pad and explained the importance of replacing pads as they do not last forever. However, they can be used on both sides and can last for a few months, depending on how often they are used.

Whilst on site, our engineer gave the machine a service and carried out his usual round of preventative maintenance tasks, which includes cleaning of the filter and descaling the water tank and suction rubbers. He also explained to the customer how to perform their own maintenance checks to increase the operational use the machine and minimise unnecessary call outs.

Choosing Scrubber Dryer Pads

A3 Machines stock a variety of compatible pads for all types for floor cleaning machines, if your unsure which pads to order please call us on 01630 661 596 and our team will be happy to advise you. Generally speaking pads are colour coded using the following scheme.

  • BLACK – Stripping Pad – Removes heavy dirt, sealants, wax.
  • BLUE – Wet Scrub/Heavy Duty Pad – Severe cleaning when wet, light stripping when dry.
  • GREEN – Light Stripping Pad – Removes dirt, scuff marks etc
  • TAN – Light clean/Buffing pad – Light – medium cleaning and buffing at the same time.
  • RED – Light clean/Buffing pad – Light clean and used for buffing.
  • WHITE – Polishing pad – To be used on a surface free of dirt for a high shine.

Pads can be purchased via the following link: http://www.a3machines.co.uk/equipment-sales/floor-polishers/pads-brushes-and-solutions/11-floor-pads

Replacing Scrubber Dryer Pads
Replacement Scrubber Dryer Pads

Replacing Scrubber Dryer Pads on a Viper Fang 24 in Ipswich

To contact the A3 Machines service team for help or to find out more about servicing and repairing Viper Cleaning Machines or similar please visit: http://www.a3machines.co.uk/machine-servicing

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