Excessively Vibrating Viper AS430B Rectified in Bootle

The offices at A3 Machines take a variety of calls about different issues people face with their floor cleaning machines. In this instance, the customer called us to report that their Viper AS430B floor scrubber dryer was not charging and was also vibrating excessively during use. The machine was being used to clean the floors of a large food retailer in Bootle, Merseyside, just one of a number of large retailers that populate the town which is benefiting from a large regeneration plan.

Viper AS430B Fault Finding

We sent one of our engineers to assess the machine at the food store in Bootle who made regular use of the machine to keep the premises hygienic and welcoming for customers.
Being a food retailer and part of a chain of 250 stores hygiene is very important to them and so have high standards to maintain including daily and spot floor cleaning. To meet those standards the store needed a reliable and impactful machine and their Viper AS430B battery operated scrubber drier was an ideal solution.

Upon arrival, our engineer got straight on with the job at hand, beginning his inspections of the machine in an effort to diagnose the issue and repair it. The first issue relating to the charging problem was soon resolved when he found that the live wire to the charger plug has become loose and was no longer secured inside the plug, this could only have happened by someone attempting to pull the lead whilst it was still plugged in. Suspecting the wires may also be stretched inside the cable he felt the best and safest course of action would be to replace the charger cable with a spare from the service vehicle.

With the charger repaired the Viper AS430B was charged and then the work continued to locate the root cause if the excessive vibrations. This was soon solved when it became clear that the pad on the machine wasn’t fitted correctly, i.e. it was off centre. The problem was soon rectified by re fitting the pad in to the correct position. The machine was then tested again and found to be working correctly.

Expecting a more extensive repair instead of poor handling the customer was delighted with the outcome and will be addressing the cleaning team to ensure they are aware of the correct use of the machine. Having got the machine working again, our engineer left knowing the machine was now in capable hands.

Viper AS430B Battery Operated Walk Behind Scrubber Drier

Viper AS430B Floor Scrubber Dryer
Viper AS430B

The AS430B is a simple to use, medium-sized, battery operated, walk-behind scrubber/dryer. It is ideal for indoor use in mid-sized or heavy traffic areas such as hotels, restaurants, schools and shopping centres, as well as train stations and hospitals. It is simple to use with a built in charger, reduced pushing force and an ergonomic start/stop switch that gives the user easier handling and requires the user to use less force.

The AS430B has an easy to fill, and easy to clean, water tank. The solution and recovery tanks are integrated into one moulded part, creating larger tank capacity, resulting in longer cleaning operations with just one fill. The cover of the recovery tank is also much larger than its competitors which makes the cleaning of the recovery tank much easier. In addition, both brush and vacuum motors are well protected from water splashes.

All of these features, taken together, make this machine perfect for the kind of cleaning jobs that the food company needed doing. It performs well on medium-to-large floors and is ideal for heavily shopped areas like a supermarket.



Rectifying Multiple Issues with a Viper AS430B

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