Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine Repair in Market Drayton

A large-scale retailer of food and fresh goods were expecting a high-profile visitor and as such, wanted to give their store a very thorough clean.  However it became apparent that a few of their older machines were not up to the task and were in need of servicing and repairs.   I’m proud to say that A3 Machines have a good reputation in commercial floor cleaning machine repairs so we were contacted and we sent one of our engineers to the store to service the machines and make any necessary fixes. The store was located in Market Drayton, Shropshire, not too far from our base of operations.  By the way did you know that Market Drayton gets its name from the fact that King Henry III decreed that a charter be granted for a weekly Wednesday market in the town in 1245AD; that market continues to this day.

Assessing the Machine

Our engineer arrived at the large discount retail store in Market Drayton to carry out diagnostic tests and isolate any problems the customer may encounter with their machines, then the necessary repairs could be made. As a large store in the town, it had a vast amount of tiled floor space, which, because of regular customer foot fall and trolley traffic, needs consistent cleaning to meet store and hygiene standards. Thus, it was very important for the engineer to assess the machines and remedy any issues.

There were four machines to be inspected in total:

Unfortunately, they all needed substantial repairs, to the point where new parts would need to be ordered and in the end, the engineer deemed them beyond economical repair. Rather than go through the expense of replacing these machines, the company decided to go for a 12 month hire of a Fimap MR65B Ride on Scrubber Dryer machine. Our hire terms include full maintenance cover which includes breakdowns and parts failure.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Fimap MG85b battery operated ride on scrubber drier
Fimap MG85b Ride on Scrubber Drier

Tennant T3

The Tennant T3 walk-behind scrubber is a versatile floor scrubber. It offers 2 down pressure settings of 40 or 90 lbs and has hygienic tanks that make clean up easy. The Tennant T3 also comes complete with on board charger and pad drivers.

Tennant 5680

The Tennant 5680 Industrial Strength Walk Behind floor cleaner is capable of taking on any working environment. The used Tennant 5680 scrubber’s large solution and recovery tanks, as well as 36-volt, 235 amp battery pack gives the long lasting run time needed to clean large areas.

Nilfisk BA750

The Nilfisk BA750 Compact Scrubber dryer is a reliable commercial floor cleaning machine that is easy to manoeuvre. It is a compact automatic scrubber drier leaving floors clean and dry in a single quick pass. Excellent drying on turns. The clear, pictorial display puts all controls within easy reach and simplifies operation. A curved squeegee eliminates the need for spot-mopping. BA 530 is ideal for cleaning up to 1500 m2 of hard flooring in e.g. supermarkets, schools and warehouses.

Tennant 5680 Nilfisk BA750 Tennant T3

Maintaining Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines in Shropshire

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