Badly Damaged Karcher BR40/25 Repaired for Bristol Retailer

The head of cleaning for a major retail store in Bristol, South West England contacted us to report that they had a damaged Karcher BR40/25 scrubber dryer that needed repairing. As a major city in the UK, Bristol boasts a large amount of retail stores many of which are our clients, so we are often in the area.

Assessing the Damaged Karcher

One of our engineers left our headquarters in Shropshire to make the journey down to the Retail Store in Bristol to assess the damage to the floor cleaning machine they used. The store had company standards to meet and part of this was keeping the floors looking immaculate for customers. However, this task was made all the harder after their machine, a Karcher BR40/25 Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer had become accidentally damaged falling down a set of stairs leading from the back of the storage area onto the concrete floor of the yard outside.

Upon first sight of the machine, our engineer could tell that this was not going to be an easy task. Then on closer inspection it became apparent that the fall had cracked the chassis of the machine, a problem he knew could not repaired on-site. The damage to the machine was too extreme requiring a full strip down and replacement chassis something we rarely carry on our service vehicles.

This meant that our engineer would have to take the machine back to the workshop in Shropshire where it could be stripped down and rebuilt with a new chassis. The machine would then be fully tested to ensure it was fully operation before being returned to site. Naturally this would take some time, so to ensure the store were able to carry on with their maintenance schedule a free of charge loan machine was then with the customer.

The customer was happy with this solution, as it meant that they could keep their cleaning operations in full effect and we could get on with making the extensive repairs necessary to get their Damaged Karcher BR40/25 back in full working order.

Damaged Karcher BR40-25 Scrubber Dryer Repaired
Repairing a Damaged Karcher BR40-25 Scrubber Dryer

Karcher BR40/25  Scrubber Dryer

This battery powered floor cleaner, from Karcher, is manually steered and features performance of up to 1600 m²/h. It houses a 25-litre “tank-in-tank” system, meaning that it is manoeuvrable due to its reduced size. This, in turn, reduces the amount of time it takes to set the machine up and empty the tanks when needed.

The Karcher BR40/25 is ideally suited for small to medium cleaning tasks and measures in at 800 x 575 x 830 mm.  All parts are fully replaceable, ensuring longevity. It also comes equipped with:

* Roller Brush
* Battery and charger
* Straight squeegee
* Maintenance-free battery


Once we had received the replacement chassis it wasn’t long before we were able to rebuild the machine and deliver the fully functional, damage-free machine back to the customer and reclaim our loan machine.

Replacing a Damaged Karcher Chassis for a Bristol Retail Store

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